Out There Somewhere Voskhod Edition (2012/MULTI 2/THETA)

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    Out There Somewhere Voskhod Edition (2012/MULTI 2/THETA)
    2012 | PC | Eng / Por | Developer: MiniBoss | Publisher: MiniBoss | 133MB
    Genre: Platformer

    Arcade patformer with elements of puzzle retro style. Having made ??an emergency landing on an unknown planet,
    Jury must find the force to the core of his ship to finish the battle with the Gregory his eternal enemy.
    In order to overcome obstacles, Yuri uses his gun teleport.

    System requirements:
    Operating system: Windows XP (SP3) / Vista / 7
    Processor: Pentium 4 1.8 Hz
    Memory: 512 MW
    Video: 128 MW DirectX 9.0c Compartible




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