Padre nuestro (2005)

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    Rating: 6.5/10
    Runtime: 105
    Language: Spanish
    Country: Chile
    Color: Color

    Description: Both funny and tender, this unconventional road movie finds Caco (Jaime Vadell) struggling to make amends with his family before he passes. As his three children, as well as his son's Argentine wife (Cecilia Roth), make the trip to Valparaiso to visit their hospitalized father, their own unresolved fears, secrets and resentments come to light. In a last ditch effort to make peace and come together, a stolen ambulance returns them to Quintaros, the seaside resort they visited in happier times. PADRE NUESTRO was awarded the Best Actor prize of Vadell's performance at the Cartagena Film Festival and was Chile's official selection for the 2008 Academy Awards.

    Rar Password: none
  2. THX. Any subs for this one?


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