Panic (2001)

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    File Information
    Audio: English (No Subtitles)
    Video: avi
    File Size: 590MB (Divided into 7 Parts, 6 @ 95.7MB & 1 @ 11.2MB)

    Movie Information
    IMDB User Rating: 4.1/10
    Director: Bob Misiorowski
    Writers: Jace Anderson (screenplay), Boaz Davidson (story)
    Genre: Action, Drama, Thriller
    Release Date: 2001
    Running Time: 91 Minutes

    Rodney Rowland, Kristanna Loken, Alexander Enberg

    When some commercial airliners crash under mysterious circumstances, the FAA has to find if there is any connection or if this is just a big coincidence. Neil, an FAA systems analyst, discovers that all aircrafts were outfitted with the same software. While his boss thinks that he is way off base, Neil thinks he knows which plane is the next target. He barely arrives at the airport, before the plane leaves and instructs that the plane wait until he does a system check. But all of a sudden the plane starts to take off on its own. Neil barely manages to get onboard. He is then contacted by the man behind all this, a computer guy who feels that he was taken advantage of by the aviation industry and wants some payback. He plans to crash this plane too. Neil tries to do what he can to help but unfortunately the guy is watching him.

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