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    Papers 3.4.0 | MacOSX | 78.8 MB

    Papers is an award-winning application developed for researchers to help you manage research material that you're passionate about. Let it take your personal library of research to a whole new level.

    Papers for Mac:
    - Keeps your personal library of research organized and portable.
    - Automatically downloads full-text content for your articles.
    - Lets you discover papers to read from 25+ search engines!
    - Shows you related papers when reading.
    - Synchronizes your library between home and work much faster than before, whether you're using Papers for Mac, Papers 3 for Windows New, iPad or iPhone.
    - Papers Online offers a convenient reading list and an easy way to shared collections of articles.
    ... and more!

    What's new in Papers 3
    The first thing you'll notice when starting Papers 3 is the new stunning user interface. There's plenty more to discover:
    A fresh, new user interface: the new Papers experience is simpler and more organised.
    Navigation modes to keep your work and thoughts organized.
    Relevant article suggestions based on the content you are reading.
    Automatic PDF download when you import articles.
    Better than ever metadata discovery and matching.
    Stay connected: discover tweets and posts about the articles you are reading.
    View and annotate supplemental files directly within Papers 3.

    Version 3.4.0:
    New First Run Experience
    * Improves the experience of launching Papers for Mac for the first time.
    * You can now optionally create, or sign into, your Papers Account when setting up your library.

    Syncing Improvements
    * We now support syncing your library between desktop versions of Papers using other syncing services, in addition to Dropbox. We have tested the following services:
    - Google Drive
    - SugarSync
    - box
    - iCloud Drive
    - OneDrive
    - Network File Shares
    * Syncing with Papers for iPhone and iPad continues to require either Dropbox or Local Network Syncing. You can learn more about syncing your Papers Library on ourKnowledge base.
    * You no longer need to provide your Dropbox credentials when syncing using Dropbox. Just place your Papers Library into your Dropbox folder and Papers will handle the rest.
    * The Syncing preferences screen has been simplified.

    * Citations supports citing with Manuscripts, a new writing tool for researchers.

    * Papers no longer becomes unresponsive for a few moments shortly after creating a new library.
    * Fixes a crash when trying to present certain database related errors.
    * Creating a library via maintenance mode (by holding ⌥ at startup) now presents the new first run experience.
    * Papers no longer asks you whether you enjoy using Papers seconds after you start using Papers for the first time.
    * Papers correctly handles directories called __MACOSX found inside checkpoint files.
    * Improves reliability of PDF indexing.
    * Adds support for using the virtual disk in El Capitan by updating the bundled version of OS X Fuse to 2.8.1. If you have already installed an older version of OS X Fuse, you can update via: System Preferences ▸ Fuse for OS X ▸ Check for Updates.
    * It is no longer possible to get stuck on the Update screen if your Papers license or trial has expired.
    * Requests to websites are throttled to one request per 30 seconds to prevent hitting the rate limit.
    * Your Papers Library no longer has to be named Library.papers3.
    * It is now possible to use Local Network Sync to synchronise files whose names contain non-latin characters.
    * Resolves an occasional issue where files attached to publications already in your library that are added via a sync are not visible until restarting Papers.

    System requirements: Mac OS X 10.9 and above.
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