NitroFlare Parallels Desktop 11.0.1-31277 Business Edition (Mac OS X)

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    Parallels Desktop 11.0.1-31277 Business Edition (Mac OS X) | 355 MB
    Enjoy now without any problems all the advantages of OS X and Windows with Parallels Desktop 11 The more powerful virtualization software enables simultaneously you to easily switch without rebooting between operating systems and thus to work on your Mac with Microsoft programs and other non-system applications.

    Convenient use of Windows on your Mac
    Support of different operating systems such as OS X El Capitan, Yosemite OS X, OS X Mavericks, Windows 10, Chrome, Ubuntu and various versions of Linux
    Numerous optimizations for cross-platform work
    Quickly launch of Windows applications
    Microsoft Cortana as a new function
    Travel mode can extend battery life

    Easy, cross-platform operations
    Use Parallels Desktop 11 as convenient interface between Mac and Windows. It is up to you whether you want to work with the Mac or Windows user interface in full screen or windowed mode. Switch easily between the many operating systems that supports Parallels Desktop 11th Parallels Desktop also allows you 11 Microsoft Cortana, your virtual personal assistant, to use on the Mac. Launch Windows applications from the Mac dock, use Force touch and multi-touch gestures in Windows applications or copy & paste and drag and drop between Windows and Mac. For example, use the MS Office apps on your Mac to create documents, and combine them with Microsoft Outlook Apple Mail in order to let new emails show in both programs. Share. Not only files, texts and websites from Windows, but use the possibility internet accounts like Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, etc., that are configured on your Mac

    Powerful and efficient
    The new Parallels Desktop 11 while allowing you to work comfortably with Mac and Windows and was developed so that the start of MS Office programs faster and to open Windows documents carried out more quickly. Ask also found how easy and efficient installation of Windows will now be made, and test the many new ways to configure your virtual operating systems. In Parallels Wizard you can choose how you want to use Parallels primary, then the settings of the virtual machine are automatically optimized. The new Travel mode also switches temporarily from resource-hungry services, to extend the battery life when the device is not connected to AC power.

    Requires OS X 10.7 or later

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