Patrick Still Lives (1980)

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    Rating: User Rating: 5.5/10 (108 votes)
    Runtime: 96 min
    Language: Italian with hardcoded English subs
    Country: Italy
    Color: Color
    IMDb Link:
    Director: Mario Landi
    Sacha Pitoëff ... Professor Herschell
    Gianni Dei ... Patrick Herschell
    Mariangela Giordano ... Stella Randolph
    Carmen Russo ... Cheryl Kraft
    Paolo Giusti ... David Davis
    Franco Silva ... Lyndon Kraft
    Giovanni Di Benedetto ... Peter Suniak (as John Benedy)
    Anna Veneziano ... Lydia Grant

    Description: Supposedly a sequel to PATRICK (1978), Mario Landi's PATRICK STILL LIVES is an incredible bit of sleaze that has little to do with the first film. This one finds the psychically gifted but comatose Patrick still bedridden, but this time his powers have grown as a result of another accident. As his father sets out to take revenge on the man who put his son in a coma, Patrick lays in bed, killing anything he sets his mind to. Filled with gore, enthusiastic impalings, nudity, and softcore sex, PATRICK STILL LIVES is not for the squeamish.

    This is an Italian sequel to 'Patrick' which means it has nothing to do with the original. But this is a much better film. It has a decent story and flows along nicely.

    That said, it knows its an exploitation film. There are 5 women in the movie and all 5 get naked showing all 3 B's. And there are lots of close ups. What more could you want from an Italian horror picture?

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