Paul Mckenna : Accelerated Learning

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    Paul Mckenna: Accelerated Learning
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    Creating the right environment and state ensures all senses are stimulated thereby more effectively ensuring learning is committed to memory in a way that is both creative and enjoyable.

    Accelerated Learning is a series of techniques that enhance the learning process. These techniques are not based on a single piece of research but on findings gathered over many years into the working of the human brain. They recognize individual preferred Learning styles and use technology, where appropriate, to achieve maximum learning efficiency. Designing and presenting learning events with structured cycles of activities can accommodate people with widely different Learning styles .
    This is a new way to learn that is dynamic, playful, innovative, stress-free and highly effective. An Accelerated Learning experience contributes to greater overall confidence, creativity, relaxation and general well being. The brain, by receiving the "big picture" first, is able to take in a myriad of details with its comprehension of the large sweeping vision of a subject. Details follow in an organic and developmental process that "spirals" around and upward. The big picture is then revisited from different perspectives, and progressively more complex information is acquired.





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