Pedicab Driver (1989)

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    A pared down, blue-collar martial arts film about a stubborn pedicab driver (Sammo Hung) who avenges the death of a friend by taking on a vicious psychotic pimp (John Sham) and his army of thugs. The movie seamlessly combines two threads of Hung's long career, his down-to-earth straight acting roles in dramatic films like Painted Faces and Eight Tales of Gold and his work as a performer, stunt arranger, and director in everything-but-the-kitchen-sink combat spectaculars like Eastern Condors and Millionaire's Express. The glorious set pieces here are staged in everyday settings in Macau in the late 1940s--a teahouse, a gambling den--and the workaday locales set off the fancy footwork perfectly. There's one big comic chase sequence, a car vs. pedicab duel that seems to be a takeoff on Jackie Chan's bicycle stunt work in Project A. But the main attractions are the set-piece fights, three superbly staged all-out brawls. In the best of them, Hung goes one on one with an unprepossessing gambling boss played by Lau Kar-wing, the fight arranger-director of a long string of kung fu classics, from Shaolin Master Killer to the Chan vehicle Drunken Master II.

    Movie: Pedicab Driver - 1989
    Format: DVDRip - AVI
    Language: Cantonese - (Chinese)
    Audio: AC3
    Subtitle: English - hard coded
    AKA: Qun long xi feng


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