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    Runtime: 86
    Language: English
    Country: UK
    Color: Colour
    IMDb Link:
    Director: Lindsay Shonteff
    Maggie Stride ...Suzy
    Gay Singleton ...Fiona
    Gilbert Wynne ...Jimmy
    Alan Gorrie ...Lee
    Stuart Francis ...Kip
    Mick Travis ...Mick
    Onnie Mair ...Onnie
    Debbie Bowen ...Lacy
    Robert Daubigney ...Pogo
    Stuart Cowell ...Rick
    Nicola Austin ...Coral
    Nicola Yearne / Juliet Adams / Linda Dean / Greta Nelson / Maria Vasilou / Sussana East / Cathy Howard / Samantha Bond / Maria Frost / Louisa Livingstone / Madeleine Collinson / Mary Collins ...Groupies
    John Allen / Eric Simpson ...Roadies
    Joyce Crossley ...Woman
    C. Reeves ...Technician
    Bill Hibbert / N. Tathan ...Policemen

    Description: This film was made in 1970. The main character, Suzy, is a young girl who goes down to London. She has a friend there, Fiona, who's been on the groupie scene but has graduated to becoming the recognised girlfriend of Lee, guitarist and singer with a band called Forever More. Fiona defines her own role as "a bit of cooking, a bit of cleaning, and lots of loving," and tells Suzy that "all the girls want to ball Forever More." Suzy hangs round backstage, goes to a party, and has sex with the band's unpleasant road manager Jimmy. Then they go to play up North, and Suzy's left in London on her own. She meets Pogo, a gentle hippie drifter, and the two of them live together on the streets till Pogo gets run over and killed. After that Suzy meets up again with the band and becomes their groupie. She grows hardened and cynical, and betrays Fiona twice: first by balling Lee (in a studio toilet); then, at the end of the film, by walking out and leaving Fiona to it when she finds her in the bath with her wrists slashed.

    It's a very downbeat story, but it feels authentic - partly because it was made on a very low budget. The surroundings are unglamorous and none of the people in the film are particularly attractive physically. There are some odd touches of direction and editing, in particular brief unexplained flashes forward. Best scene is perhaps where Pogo gets arrested for climbing into the pulpit of a church and giving an improvised sermon: "Oh ye fat sons of bitches, how long will ye love vanity and seek evil?" There's also some excellent music, with half a dozen good songs by Forever More (Alan Gorrie who plays Lee was later successful for real in mid-70s funk-rockers the Average White Band) and incidental music by the cult folk band Comus.

    Rar Password: None

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