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    Perry Marshall - 80/20 Facebook Consultant

    Introducing: 80/20 Facebook Consulting Certification

    We will equip you not only with a full-tilt Facebook ad education including all the insider ninja tricks for targeting ideal customers for your clients, but you'll also discover how to position yourself with clients, negotiate fees, retain clients for long periods of time and find lucrative pockets of opportunity elsewhere in their business. So you use your optimal skills in the most enjoyable possible way.

    In 6 weeks, you'll discover.

    Keith's' Insider Secrets on How to Get More Leads and Sales at 1/3 or even ½ the Price Your Clients are Paying Now
    How to Get Clicks for Your Clients in a Couple of Days and Sales in a Couple of Weeks.Not Months
    How to Attract, Engage and Retain More Clients with Facebook Consulting
    How to Earn 2x or 3x Higher Fees from Existing Clients

    Again, over 1,000 people surveyed (on a Saturday, the worst day of the week to mail) said they were seriously interested in hiring a Facebook Ad Consultant. And that was just a fraction of my list. The river is overflowing the banks!

    The question is, will you be the one to channel that flow right into your bank account?
    Here's What You Get In The 80/20 Facebook Certification Coaching

    2 Facebook Update webinars, where Keith keeps you up-to-date with the latest changes and developments in the Facebook advertising ecosystem (further Update sessions available to members of my Facebook Consultants Inner Circle program. See below for more details)
    2 small-group Facebook Consultants coaching sessions. This is where you can pick Keith's brain, ask questions and get help with (further small-group sessions available to members of my Facebook Consultants Inner Circle program. See below for more details)
    How to Set Up Facebook Advertising Accounts (Checklist and Video)
    How to Set up Facebook Pages Properly (Facebook Checklist)
    CPM and CPC bidding explained
    Your Facebook Marketing Plan Workbook (For your team or clients)
    Facebook Ad and Image Size Specifications
    How to Create Images Fast with Facebook Image Ad Software
    Newsfeed Demo of all the Facebook Ad Types
    How to do Target Audience Research
    Supercharge your email marketing with Custom Audience targeting

    PLUS Keith Will Deliver His Ninja Methods for Attracting, Recruiting and Onboarding Facebook Clients.and Building Your Consulting Team.

    Week 1. How to Construct Facebook Client Packages and Pricing.

    Developing Proposals and Reporting.
    Keith's Proposal Templates and Sample Agreements.

    Week 2. Keith's Checklist Process for Onboarding Facebook Clients

    Ketih's Facebook Campaign Troubleshooting Checklist
    Facebook Ad Creative Template
    Facebook Client Questionnaire

    Week 3. How to Recruit Even More Facebook Clients. Ninja Facebook tactics to build authority and have clients asking you to hire you.

    Tips on How to Close Facebook Consulting Deals

    Week 4. How to Build & Manage Your Team

    And all 4 Sessions will have plenty of time for you pick Keith's brain.



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