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    Perry Marshall - Consulting Accelerator

    Consulting Income Is the Fastest, Most Reliable Way to Make Money Without the Boot of "The Man" on Your Neck

    Thousands of successful companies are ready to write big checks for someone who helps them grow faster.

    And because you're working on THEIR marketing funnel and THEIR ads and THEIR website - there are so many things you DON'T need, and still make money in consulting that you WOULD need when you sell your own products online.

    Ever been asked for advice? By a friend? By a neighbor? By someone you met online? You say something about keywords or SEO or Google and they start peppering you with questions?

    Maybe you gave your advice for free (and experienced the joy of being ignored because you gave it away).

    Or maybe you charged for it.

    But you know for a fact that there is a never-ending surplus of entrepreneurs and big companies that desperately need guidance and expertise.

    I know most of your friends and neighbors are not ideal prospects. But their questions prove there's LOTS of demand for real expert advice on how to grow a business. When you know how to find the ones that can pay you well, life as a consultant becomes pretty sweet.
    That is why I'm 100% pro-consulting.

    If you've trained with me and my team on any topic from AdWords to Autoresponders then you know 10x more than legions of entrepreneurs who need you to help grow their company.

    Even if your expertise is something entirely different from marketing, the simple fact that you're a Planet Perry member means you're above average.

    At last year's consulting seminar, two brilliant programmers from Minneapolis came up to me and said, "We were joking with each other that it's a rude awakening to not be the smartest two guys in the room - the people in this room are just incredibly talented.

    I am quite confident that you're above average. You've always been one of the smarter people in any room - even if others didn't always recognize it.

    Some clients will pay you handsomely to solve their problem.

    Some will give you a piece of the upside.

    A few will even give you equity. if you ask.

    As delicious as that sounds, one of the biggest challenges facing you when you start to hang out your shingle as a consultant is finding your first client.

    So if your biggest internal resistance is fear of getting a client. not knowing where you'll find him. or how you'll approach him. or what you'll say if you get on Skype or GoToMeeting with them.
    I Guarantee that If You Don't Get A New Client in the First 90 Days, You Can Get A Full Refund from the Consulting Accelerator Program

    The only reason I can make this guarantee is because of how utterly unique this training is.

    Not only have I been a consultant for the past 12+ years, but I've also built my team of world class consultants. They routinely make six figures a year. Some hit 7 figures.

    We've put together an immersion program for becoming a successful consultant, the likes of which you've never seen.

    I've built this training so you can hit the ground running even if you have zero consulting experience.
    Unavailable Anywhere Else, Ever:
    Pair Up With Other Consultants Based On Marketing DNA Scores

    At my Rainmaker seminar for consultants last year, I unveiled my Marketing DNA Test and it was a HIT. We organized networking around test scores and the #1 compliant on the feedback forms was that we should have done even more!

    Some consultants like to sit in a cave and build marketing system.

    Some consultants like to spin ideas and SELL.

    Some consultants drip with empathy.

    Others love spreadsheets and numbers and pivot tables.

    Nobody can do everything - and you don't have to. If you're an impulsive idea person who starts things and doesn't finish them, THERE'S NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU. You just need to team up with a Producer who likes to finish and perfect things.

    If you're an analyst and you struggle to write seductive, persuasive copy, THERE'S NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU. Because some empathetic sales person needs your Google Analytics expertise.

    For the first time in the history of the world, not only does a tool exist for identifying these skills, but my staff is going to help match you with other consultants with complementary skills.

    Not only do you get the benefit of other consultants SKILLS, you also get their STORIES and their TRACK RECORD.

    You and they can form a virtual team. Your crew of 2-3 Planet Perry consultants who've coordinated skill sets makes a POTENT combination. You speak the same language, you understand deep marketing principles, and collectively you possess tremendous experience.

    If you have existing clients, you can double your business overnight by adding the expertise of another Planet Perry consultant to your offerings. If you do Pay Per Click and someone else does SEO, guess what - you just doubled your revenue and probably tripled the magnetism of your total package.

    You get this unique matchmaking service as part of the Blueprint package.

    There's a secret of success that most people never realize. I've watched this play out over and over again regardless of industry:
    Success is not a straight line

    Whatever level you're at, you need training and guidance to get you to that next evolution. You'll increase your income. You'll raise your fees. And you'll improve the quality of clients you take on.

    So if you're just jumping into consulting for the first time - Consulting Accelerator will take you from ground zero to success. But you shouldn't expect or try to become a Perry Marshall or a Matt Gillogly or John Mendocha or Jack Born in one straight line.

    It doesn't work that way.

    But there's no faster way for you to leave the Dilbert Cube and start earning respectable income that can sustain you comfortably like consulting can.

    All the other gimmicks and empty promises hawked on bandwagon product launches is going to lead you towards a path of frustration.

    Every person with a story on this page literally "grew up in Planet Perry," gaining critical business chops - in our world, using our lingo. You can now put all this to work in a team environment.

    Compressed 7-Week Action Plan Lands You a Client
    in the First 45 Days

    Have you ever wished someone would just break down a successful system into easy 1-2-3 style steps?

    My team did that.

    Just like a rocket leaving the launch pad - it takes the most energy to just get off the ground.

    That's what our 7-day action plan is going to do for you.

    Once you're "in orbit" you're stable. You have confidence that you may be lacking right now.

    (And it's okay to be a bit anxious - you'll look back on this phase 90 days from now and smile.)
    If You Follow the 7-Week Action Plan and You Don't Have a Client Yet - One of My Top Consultants Will Jump On A Diagnostic Call With You and Help You

    I'm putting my team on the line for you. If 7 weeks goes by, if you've done the steps and nobody's written you a check - my guys will personally get with you and find out why. Maybe they listen to recordings of your phone calls, maybe they listen silently on a conference line, maybe they read the emails you sent.

    They'll diagnose your issue and give you a fresh game plan.

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