Phörpa aka The Cup DVDRip (1999)

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    The Cup.avi (698 MB)

    Source: DVDRip
    Runtime: 90 minutes
    Language: Tibetan, Hindi
    Subtitles: English Hard-coded

    IMDb Info:
    IMDb Ratings: 6.6/10 (1387 votes)

    Plot: While the FIFA World Cup is being played in France, two young Tibetan refugees arrive at a monastery/boarding school in exile in India. Its atmosphere of serene contemplation is somewhat disrupted by football fever, the chief instigator being a young student, the football enthusiast Orgyen. Prevented by various circumstances from seeing the Cup finals on television in a nearby village, Orgyen sets out to organize the rental of a TV set for the monastery. The enterprise becomes a test of solidarity, resourcefulness and friendship for the students, while the Lama, head of the monastery, contemplates the challenges of teaching the word of Buddha in a rapidly changing world.

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