Photodex ProShow Producer v5.0.3297 + ProShow StylePack (ENG/RUS)

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    Photodex ProShow Producer v5.0.3297 + ProShow StylePack (ENG/RUS) | 1.7GB

    Photodex ProShow Producer - program for creating professional presentations from Photodex. Utility supports working with layers and provides an opportunity to use an unlimited number of layers for each slide. The program supports transparency for files PSD, PNG, TIFF and GIF, makes it possible to use a mask layer, transition effects, gradient fills or fill color. Photos that make up the presentation, you can edit, and address them with tools such as sharpen, change the contrast and color saturation.

    The presentation may contain signatures, including animation, background music. The finished project can be saved in one of 14 formats, including HD Video, Flash and QuickTime. This version is the most functional version of the two versions of the program, as well as fully suitable for business use.

    News in version 5:

    General improvements:

    Improved presentation title by default (the first save). Now called ProShow Slideshow (Presentation ProShow).
    A new folder is the default save in My Documents helps new users find their presentations.
    Improved definition of the default browser correctly selects the default browser for the link.
    New installations ProShow will now run in full-screen mode on most systems.
    Now when you run ProShow presentation shows missing fonts on your system.
    Improved search box missing files include file paths and provides more space for file names.
    New options allow the program to disable the warning about opening presentations created in other versions of ProShow.
    Improved confirmation when saving
    When closing an unsaved presentation in the confirmation dialog box displays some details of the presentation.
    When closing an unsaved project in the confirmation dialog box shows which elements of the presentation, projects, and the menu is not saved.
    Improved synchronization tool tracks now remembers your selections.
    To register and activate ProShow 5 now requires an active internet connection.
    Styles slides are now cached during installation, eliminating delays when you first open the settings window slide.
    Added ability to select a preferred audio player files.
    Improved file properties window now displays the file path.
    The new manager of media sources
    Use the media manager of sources to add and remove media source.
    Use the media source for fast access to content located on your computer.
    Enhanced multimedia sources prevents overwriting sources installing ProShow, which used to lead to the conclusion windows missing files.
    A new search feature helps to identify empty seats empty layers.
    Now you can easily find empty layers created slide design or patterns.
    And also quickly access the slides from the dialog box to add the missing content.

    Completely revamped user interface:

    Workspaces Design, Designer and Publishing optimize the main box for each part of the process of creating a presentation.
    Enhanced color configuration provides greater control over the color software used in the user interface.
    Setting colors for text editors.
    A dark color scheme allocates more photos and increase the contrast of the white text.
    In the new menu Service put common tools such as a collection presentation files and Managing the effects.
    Improved project management team is now located in the File menu.
    Access to recently opened projects in the recently opened files.
    Creating, saving and opening projects from the File menu.
    Projects are now more effectively integrated and does not prompt you when you switch to the project.
    The new command Save As allows you to save a copy of the project.
    Simplified access to the parameters of the project by right-clicking on the panel, Information about the presentation.
    A new button Add a presentation in the details pane on the presentation makes it easy to add additional presentations in the open project.
    New toolbar for workspace Design, Designer and Publishing for quick access to frequently used tools.
    New buttons for combining slides, open the menu editor, insert a blank slide or slides with words and more.
    A new button Restore slide deletes the slide with a single click.
    In the folder list, improved use of modern icons and arrows.
    Improved file list.
    List of files is now cached.
    List files can be hidden and displayed.
    Highlighting the selected items are now more obvious.
    Improved display of files in the presentation now shows the number of times an image is used in the presentation.
    Added the ability to go to the first slide, which uses the selected file.
    Revised list of slides provides a clean, clear and more detailed list of the slides.
    The updated design eliminates some visual blots old version.
    Improved thumbnails now more.
    Tab-based interface allows you to switch between the slide list and timeline.
    New indicator appears on the slide, is now open in the slide window.
    Slides containing style, show the name of the style in the slide.
    Slide show with sound now shown on the timeline, even if there is no sound track.
    Slide show with sound now use alternative colors for better visibility.
    Easy removal of files from ProShow using right-click menu.
    Easy duplication of tracks with right-click menu.
    Slide list now holds the position when switching between presentations in the project.
    Added option to copy the styles applied to the slides in the other slides.
    Redesigned control panel preview gives you more control and detail.
    Completely redesigned control panel for basic viewing.
    You now have to pause the playback, as well as traditional stop.
    Added a button to switch to full screen mode.
    Improved, wider band playing makes a move playing the presentation clearer, and provides greater detail when dragging.
    New statistics playback displays in the preview details of the slides, transitions, and files.
    Displays the file name or the name of the slide.
    Output allocation information (number of slides or files, the total length, size and so on).
    Output style name or slide transition effect.
    The status bar (along the bottom of the window) is removed to allow more room for other panels.
    Improved tooltips help identify the buttons on the watch.
    New inspector slide displays detailed information about the slides.
    The name and number of the slide.
    Style name slide, incoming and outgoing transitions.
    Slide Duration, including the time the slide transition time and the total time.
    Displays the start and end of a slide in the presentation will be useful for synchronization with the music.
    The number of layers and labels, as well as information about how many apply effects or movements.
    Speaker notes
    New panel Content Formats provides quick access to all the final format of the Stage Publish.
    Includes all the final formats, which supports ProShow.
    Provides a summary for each format.
    Enough to double-click on the desired format to create the final output.
    Improved keyboard shortcuts provide accelerated workflow.
    Improved Information Panel presentation provides more functionality.
    Provide new clues about the presentation.
    Additional shortcut menu makes it easy to save or rename the presentation.
    Create and manage projects using the context menu.
    Click Add a presentation when working in a project can be easily added to the project presentation.

    The revised presentation settings window:

    A new window lets you change the size of the window, providing a choice of several preset sizes, and automatically selects the big size on large screens.
    New Navigation Bar Settings window allows you to navigate between the presentation parameters from the list of presentation instead of tabs.
    The navigation bar is visible on all screens.
    One click to access settings, watermark, background and sound tracks from all the windows presentation settings.
    Visual indicators to show the navigation presentation icon, watermark and background.
    No more tabs.
    Page Inscriptions presentation has been removed from the windows presentation settings and combined with the slide window.
    The new viewing area watermark allows you to see the original, unmodified image used for the watermark.
    The new viewing area background can see the original, unmodified image used for the background.
    The new interface page tracks provides better visibility of tracks.
    Button to add tracks now supports adding multiple tracks at once.
    New forms of representation in the audio presentation settings allows you to visualize the track, including the area to be cropped, and color areas of increase and decrease the sound.
    You can also easily duplicate the audio track by right-clicking on the track in the track list.
    A new panel displays information about the presentation of a brief information about the presentation.
    The location of the presentation file PSH.
    Modified date.
    Which version of ProShow used the last time.
    Number of slides flagged.
    The total duration of the presentation.
    Average duration of the slides.
    The average number of slides per minute.
    The number of empty seats (empty layers added styles or templates).

    Hardware-accelerated rendering:

    ProShow 5 uses graphics processor (GPU) to accelerate the playback of presentations.
    This allows a more comfortable create presentations with high-resolution, including a resolution of Full HD.
    And also reduces the noise images due to changes in resolution in imaging and scaling.
    And, of course, reduces jitter and jerky playback, gently balancing the load between the CPU and the graphics processor.
    In addition, the system automatically disables the hardware on older systems or if hardware acceleration is not supported.

    Horizontal and vertical tilt (perspective):

    Adding a perspective effect to the leaves.
    Independent control of the horizontal and vertical angle.
    Use keyframes to create complex effects with tilt.
    The use of tilt by dragging the icons centered on the edges of each layer.
    Precise control over the slope using the scroll bars and editing fields.
    Managing types of motion (as the slope is accelerating or decelerating).
    Copy of the slope parameters between keyframes, layers and slides.
    Adding modifiers to the slope value.

    The new manager of effects:

    New manager effects (Tools> Manage effects) replaces the control window styles and transitions.
    Management, the creation and application of effects from a single window.
    Applying Styles slides to any number of selected slides.
    Control subjects without opening the wizard to create presentations.
    Import any number of styles, transitions, and so at a time.
    Improved import allows conflict resolution for all files, rather than click OK for each of them.
    Enhanced export makes it easy to specify a folder when exporting multiple items.
    Export and import of those masters presentations.
    Show or hide any number of selected styles or transitions at once.
    Create styles and transitions directly from the control effects.
    Easy to show or hide items with a click of the mouse.
    The various dimensions of the window allow you to see more effects on the big screen.


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