Piccadilly (1929)

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    Rating: 7.3/10
    Runtime: 109
    Language: English
    Country: UK
    Color: Black & White (tinted)
    IMDb Link:
    Director: E.A. DuPont
    Gilda Gray ... Mabel Greenfield
    Anna May Wong ... Shosho
    Jameson Thomas ... Valentine Wilmot
    Charles Laughton ... A Nightclub Diner
    Cyril Ritchard ... Victor Smiles (as Cyrill Ritchard)
    King Hou Chang ... Jim (as King Ho Chang)
    Hannah Jones ... Bessie

    Description: "Piccadilly" is a zesty, super-entertaining melodrama; one of the most delightful silent films I've seen, so far. Jameson Thomas stars as Valentine Wilmot, a successful London entrepreneur who runs the city's most famous nightclub called "Piccadilly Club". Wilmot's success is mostly due to the popularity of a dancing duo ala Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire (Gilda Gray and Cyril Ritchard), who are the club's main attraction. However, when the dancing couple breaks up, Wilmot knows that he has to come up with a new attraction. Luckily for him, alluring Shosho (Anna May Wong) is working in the club's kitchen, and Wilmot is determined to make the dishwasher lady a big star. The film is energetically directed, and performed with gusto by an enthusiastic cast. The movie is filled with clever visual ideas, and it has an interesting atmosphere of sexual tension. Wong is mesmerizing in a tailor-made role; I immediately understood why she has become one of the most admired movie stars of yesterday. She performs one astonishingly erotic dance sequence that is the highlight of the film. I also liked Gray, who is in fact the nominal star of the film. A little-seen movie that defines the term "hidden treasure". Highly recommended!

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    This for posting this. Its quite something, isn't it?

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