NitroFlare PictureCode Photo Ninja 1.2.6 (Mac OS X)

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    PictureCode Photo Ninja 1.2.6 (Mac OS X) | 41 MB
    Language: English​
    Photo Ninja: file handler in Raw format
    Photo Ninja - its RAW converter that provides high attention to detail, high image quality and natural look. Photo Ninja offers users a package with which you can bring your photos into a natural look. All this and more you will get together with the converter Photo Ninja, which is useful for professional photographers and designers who work with images in a quality format RAW.

    Program Photo Ninja can perform various manipulations with files and JPEG and TIFF, but first this tool is designed to handle files in Raw. Besides having basic tools (exposure compensation and white balance, change of field, noise removal, conversion to black and white variant and cutting edges), Photo Ninja has the ability to eliminate chromatic aberrations, lens distortion and perspective distortion.
    In addition:
    The program includes a lot of features and here are some of them:
    - Adaptive lights;
    - The backlight shadows and mitigation;
    - Ability to adjust the backlight manually, which differs from the natural;
    - Increased detail photos;
    - Local Contrast adjustment in certain areas;
    - Excellent smoothing effect;
    - the possibility of allocating the recovery of certain sections of the photo;
    - The ability to improve flowers;
    - improvement of skin color, their pitch;
    - Ability to create your own shades of color;
    - Color Correction, reproduce colors more accurately on the photo;
    - Set to work with distorted objects.

    System requirements:
    - Intel, 64-bit processor
    - OS X 10.6.8 or later

    Link Download:
    Download Via Nitroflare
    Download Via xxxxxxxx
    Download Via xxxxxxxx

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