Ping Pong (2002)

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    VideoCodec: Div3
    Resolution: 640x352
    Framerate: 23.9
    Language: Japanese

    The film traces the growth and friendship of 2 very different high school ping pong players. "Peco" Hoshino is a brash, arrogant player, determined to turn "pro". He taught his quiet, nerdy childhood friend, "Smile" Tsukimoto. "Smile" frustrates his coach and rivals who recognize his talent for the game since it is just a game to him. To teach him, his high school coach learns that coaching is more than just training the students to be good ping pong players. Ironically, as "Smile" begins to develop his game, "Peco" undergoes a severe crisis after his defeat by rival players. "Peco" is unable to play well until he rediscovers the original reasons why he plays ping pong.


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