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    A 2 disc set that features the most complete Syd Barrett led Pink Floyd concerts .
    Disc one was recorded at the Star Club, Copenhagen September 13, 1967 .
    Disc two was recorded at the Oude-Ahoy Hallen, Rotterdam November 13, 1967
    Each disc also contains some nice extras.

    Disc One

    101 Reaction in G 6:36
    102 Arnold Layne 4:06
    103 One in a Million 6:25
    104 Matilda Mother 6:46
    105 Scream Thy Last Scream 5:32
    106 Astronomy Domine 7:32
    Star Club, Copenhagen
    date: September 13, 1967
    time: 36:57
    source: Bernard's reels

    107 Let's Roll Another One (rehearsal)
    date: January 20, 1967
    time: 4:33

    108 Matilda's Mother (Granada TV)
    date: January 27, 1967
    time: 2:11

    109 Interstellar Overdrive (Granada TV extended version with voiceover)
    date: January 27, 1967
    time: 4:55

    110 CBC Radio Interview (with Interstellar Overdrive)
    date: January ??, 1967
    time: 10:40

    side one total time: 59:17

    Disc Two

    201 Reaction in G 5:28
    202 Pow R Toc H 12:04
    203 Scream Thy Last Scream 4:36
    204 Set The Controls 10:11
    205 Interstellar Overdirve 13:55
    Oude-Ahoy Hallen, Rotterdam
    date: November 13, 1967
    time: 46:14
    source: Bernard's reels

    206 See Emily Play (acetate #1)
    date: May 21, 1967
    time: 2:45

    207 Scream Thy Last Scream (Jones mono mix)
    date: August 7, 1967
    time: 4:39

    208 Vegetable Man (Jones mono mix)
    date: October 9, 10, or 11, 1967
    time: 2:37

    209 Roger Waters interview (Swedish radio)
    date: September 10, 1967
    time: 2:54
    source: ???

    210 Vegetable Man (1967 mix)
    date: October 9, 10, or 11, 1967
    time: 2:53

    211 Vegetable Man Jam (rehearsal)
    date: ???
    time: 3:22

    212 [In the] Beechwoods (backing track)
    date: October 20, 1967
    time: 4:42

    213 Green Onions (Tomorrow's World snippet)
    date: December 17, 1967
    time: 0:32

    214 Improvised Instrumental (Tomorrow's World snippet)
    date: December 17, 1967
    time: 1:12

    side two total time: 71:51

    Pink Floyd - What Syd Wants





    Pink Floyd
    My Uncle Is Sick Because The Highway Is Green
    1, 2, 3, 5: 25 Jun 1968, BBC, 201 Piccadilly Studio 1, London 4: Dec 1969, Zabriskie Point recording session, Rome 6: 16 Jul 1970, BBC, Paris Theatre, London 7: 01 May 1970, Civic Auditorium, Santa Monica, California
    1. Introduction/Julia Dream              3:10
    2. Let There Be More Light  3:54
    3. Murderistic Woman        2:23
    4. Rain In The Country      7:01
    5. A Saucerful Of Secrets   6:40
    6. If                       4:28
    7. Interstellar Overdrive  13:21
              Total Time:             40:59
    The Genuine Pig's "Ultra Rare Trax" series give a fair smattering of the available BBC sessions and unreleased material that is out there. They're generally rather good, particularly if you're only an occasional collector of Roios looking for a taste of late 60's material.
    Everything on this CD can be found in other places (like the Complete Top Gear) with two exceptions: The live version of 'Interstellar Overdrive' and the rare 'Rain in the Country.'
    Those two tracks alone make this CD something of a treat.
    This is by no means a 'must have,' but it is definitely worth picking up if you have the cash. - SVID.
    The sound quality on all three of these disks is excellent. On the first two volumes there is a short DJ commentary about the BBC broadcasts before several of the songs. It does not hurt the CD overall in any way. It sounds like it is taken from a recent broadcast by BBC intended to be an anthology of early Pink Floyd songs. Anybody have any more info on this?
    Obviously since most of the songs are from BBC broadcasts, there are numerous x-refs. However, these disks make for a very nice compilation of some of PF's best songs of that time, including some relatively rare tracks. My personal favorite is Vol.2. "Green is the Colour" is very beautifully done, as well as the rare tracks such as "Labyrinth" and Oneone/Fingal's Cave. -ANON
    This first volume of "Ultra Rare Trax" is an excellent CD! The sources given on the back of the CD are often wrong (the correct sources are those listed above).
    Here, we have the whole June 1968 "Top Gear" session (tracks 2-3-4-6). BTW, it was the first BBC session with David Gilmour. The source for these tracks seem to be the same as for a lot of X-refs (with the common distorted bass drum at 0:56 on "Let There Be More Light"), but the sound quality is far better here. I never found on any other RoIO such a clear and clean sound for these four tracks! This superior quality can be explained if one considers these tracks were taken from a recent BBC re-broadcast (this is certainly the case for tracks 2, 3 and 4, introduced by DJ's commentary). I'd rate the sound quality Sup-.
    "Rain In The Country" is an outtake from the Zabriskie Point sessions, in stereo. It's an instrumental piece of music by Gilmour, based on his experimentation on Ummagumma's "The Narrow Way (part 1)". This outtake only contains several guitar tracks played by Gilmour. In fact, during these sessions, the Floyd completed this "demo", adding drums and bass (very similar to the bass in the bluesy part of "Atom Heart Mother"). The completed outtake is now officially available, since the 1997 release of the Zabriskie Point extended soundtrack, under the name "Unknown Song". The three other common outtakes from these sessions can be found on "Ultra Rare Trax Vol.2". Sound quality here is VG+.
    "If" comes from the "Peel Sunday Concert" broadcast, recorded on July 16, 1970. Sound is excellent and clear, but with some vinyl scratches (sound quality Ex+). There are better sounding versions (Sup) of that song on many other RoIOs.
    "Interstellar Overdrive" is NOT from Royal Albert Hall, London, Feb 7, 1970, as listed on the back cover. It's in fact a good stereo audience recording from Santa Monica, May 1, 1970. Here, the sound quality is weaker (VG-).
    So, an excellent CD to have, for the two rarities "Rain In The Country" and "Interstellar Overdrive" from Santa Monica, and also for the exceptional sound quality of the June 1968 BBC session. -MARC-OLIVIER.

    Bitrate 320kbps

    Pink Floyd - Live Anthology


    Bitrate 320kbps


    Pink Floyd
    Dark Soundboard Of Philadelphia



    The D.S.O.P RoIO cover Shows a clear "'Live at Spectrum Theater, Philadelphia, 15-03-73 - special thanks WNEW Radio, Peley - pounder and LSD-25" it's indeed a NY radio broadcast of a Dark Side performance,
    but it's the 1974 Wembley, London and not the 1973 Spectrum, Philadelphia show.
    Cover says: 15 Mar. 1973 Spectrum Theater, Philadelphia, PA, USA
    Corrected date: 16 Nov.1974, Wembley Arena, London, UK
          Tracks:                           	Time:
      1. Speak To Me 	                  1:13
      2. Breathe 	                          3:00
      3. On The Run 	                          4:56
      4. Time + Breathe (Reprise) 	  6:32
      5. The Great Gig In The Sky 	  6:41
      6. Radio Announcer + Money 	  8:00
      7. Us & Them 	                          7:26
      8. Any Colour You Like 	          7:26
      9. Brain Damage 	                  3:43
    10. Eclipse + Radio Announcer 	  1:55
    Total Time: 	51:16




    Pink Floyd
    Halley, a rare & unreleased Floyd collection



           1. Candy and a Currant Bun                                   2:43 
           2. See Emily Play                                            2:50 
           3. Flaming (single version)                                  2:46 
           4. Apples and Oranges                                        3:01 
           5. Paintbox                                                  3:28 
           6. It Would Be So Nice                                       3:39 
           7. Julia Dream                                               2:34 
           8. Point Me at the Sky                                       3:34 
           9. Heartbeat, Pigmeat                                        3:08 
          10. Crumbling Land                                            4:13 
          11. Come In Number 51, Your Time is Up                        4:58 
          12. Biding My Time                                            5:14 
          13. Money (1981 dance version)                                6:44 
          14. When the Tigers Broke Free                                2:52 
          15. Not Now John (obscured version)                           4:24 
          16. Terminal Frost (DYOL mix)                                 5:58 
          17. Run Like Hell        
          Syd Barrett
          Roger Waters 
          David Gilmour
          Rick Wright 
          Nick Mason





    Pink Floyd
    The First Three Singles


    The 1967 Singles Sampler, or 1967: The First Three Singles, is a limited edition compilation album by Pink Floyd which was released in 1997 to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the band. It features the bands first three singles and b sides, which were written mostly by their band leader, Syd Barrett. "Arnold Layne" reached number #20 in the charts while "See Emily Play" made it to number #6, their highest charting single in the U.K until the release of Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2) in 1979. "Apples and Oranges" was largely overlooked, with Roger Waters blaming its poor sales on bad production. "Paintbox" had been released previously along with "Arnold Layne" and "See Emily Play" on the Relics compilation album. "Scarecrow" also featured on the band's debut album, "The Piper at the Gates of Dawn". The album cover includes the original artwork which was found on each of the singles. 'Arnold Layne' and 'See Emily Play' both later appeared on the Echoes compilation album in 2001.

    Track listing
       1. "Arnold Layne" - 2:55 (Barrett) (Released March 11th 1967)
       2. "Candy and a Currant Bun" - 2:46 (Barrett)
       3. "See Emily Play" - 2:54 (Barrett) (Released June 16th 1967)
       4. "Scarecrow" - 2:09 (Barrett)
       5. "Apples And Oranges" - 3:05 (Barrett) (Released November 18th 1967)
       6. "Paint Box" - 3:47 (Wright)
    Note - all tracks are either extended or edited versions of the original singles.
        * Syd Barrett - guitar, vocals and original cover art
        * Roger Waters - bass and backing vocals
        * Richard Wright - keyboards, lead and backing vocals
        * Nick Mason - drums and percussion



    Pink Floyd
    Star Profile
    Audio Documentary




    This package contains a 100-page book and an audio documentary picture disc.


    Pink Floyd
    Fat Old Gigs


    Disc 1:  	Time:
    1. Green Is The Colour 	  4:34
    2. Careful With That Axe, Eugene 	11:29
    3. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun 	13:14
    4. A Saucerful Of Secrets 	22:10
    5. Interstellar Overdrive 	15:37
    Total Time: 	67:06
    29 Apr. 1970
    Live at Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA, USA
    First Show 	 
    Disc 2: 	Time:
    1. Grantchester Meadows 	  7:43
    2. Astronomy Dominé 	  9:50
    3. Cymbaline 	11:15
    4. Atom Heart Mother 	20:21
    5. Embryo 	11:26
    Total Time: 	60:37
    29 Apr. 1970
    Live at Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA, USA
    Second Show 	 
    Disc 3: 	Time:
    1. Astronomy Dominé 	  8:52
    2. Cymbaline 	11:36
    3. A Saucerful Of Secrets 	19:59
    4. Interstellar Overdrive 	18:56
    5. Fat Old Sun 	13:55
    Total Time: 	73:19
    26 Sept. 1970
    Live at Electric Factory, Philadlephia, Pennsylvania, USA
    First Show Of Autumn 1970 US Tour 	 
    Disc 4: 	Time:
    1. Green Is The Colour 	  3:44
    2. Careful With Tat Axe, Eugene  	10:10
    3. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun 	14:29
    4. The Violent Sequence * 	21:57
    5. Alan's Psychedelic Breakfast ** 	26:06
    Total Time: 	76:28
    26 Sept. 1970
    Live at Electric Factory, Philadlephia, Pennsylvania, USA
    First Show Of Autumn 1970 US Tour
    11 Feb. 1970 *
    Live at Town Hall, Birmingham, UK
    22 Dec. 1970 **
    Live at City Hall, Sheffield, UK



    Pink Floyd
    Live London
    from the Dark Side of the Moon



    Pink Floyd
    Libest Spacement Monitor

    Tracks:  	Time:
    1. Embryo 	10:15
    2. Green Is The Colour 	  3:23
    3. Careful With That Axe, Eugene 	  7:50
    4. If 	  4:28
    5. Atom Heart Mother 	24:49
    Total Time: 	50:49
           16 Sep. 1970, Live at The Playhouse Theatre, London, UK
    Comments: BBC broadcast.
    A brilliant CD. The best sounding record of the '70 BBC session. Carefully remastered with NoNoise to eliminate any noise from the underlying vinyl source. Only a 10-second drop-out of one stereo channel on 'Careful..' reminds you that this is no official release. Even if you are not a friend of roio's you must have heard this version of 'Embryo' at least once ... or you are not a Floyd fan! -HERWIG
    They don't get any better than this. This one and 'One Of These Days' (also TSP) is the ones to have from the BBC sesions in 70-71. Only thing is a couple of small errors on track 3, but that doesn't drag down the overall impression of this CD. Times are from CD timer. Highly recomended. -TOR
    This is, no doubt, the best version of Embryo. It also includes a very good combination of Green is the Colour and Careful with... . Have you maybe heard a Radio voice which says "Careful with that axe Eugene, classic Pink Floyd recorded in the Summer of 1970. Just a year... . Well, that's not included in this recording. 105% recommendable.


    Pink Floyd
    BBC Archive 1967-1969


    Recorded – September 25th, 1967
    1. Flaming (2:37)
    2. Scarecrow (2:02)
    3. Matilda Mother (3:19)
    4. The Gnome (2:09)
    Recorded – December 20th, 1967
    5. Pow R. Toc H. (2:58)
    6. Vegetable Man (3:24)
    7. Scream Thy Last Scream (3:39)
    8. Jugband Blues (3:52)
    Recorded – June 25th, 1968
    9. Let There Be More Light (3:41)
    10. Murderistic Women (2:18)
    11. Julia Dream (2:23)
    12. Massed Gadgets of Hercules (6:50)
    Recorded – December 2nd, 1968
    13. Point Me At The Sky (4:21)
    14. The Embryo (3:27)
    15. Baby Blue Shuffle In D Major (3:55)
    16. Interstellar Overdrive (8:38)
    Recorded – May 12th, 1969
    17. Daybreak (3:36)
    18. Nightmare (3:29)
    19. The Beginning (3:11)
    20. Beset By Creatures Of The Deep (3:06)
    21. The Narrow Way (4:25)
    September 25th, 1967 – BBC Playhouse Theater, Broadcast October 1st, 1967 (Top Gear),
    December 20th, 1967 – BBC Maida Vale Studios, Broadcast December 31st, 1967 (Top Gear),
    June 25th, 1968 – BBC 210 Piccadilly Studios, Broadcast August 11th, 1968 (Top Gear),
    December 2nd, 1968 – BBC Maida Vale Studios, Broadcast December 15th, 1968 (Top Gear),
    May 12th, 1969 – BBC Paris Cinema, Broadcast May 14th, 1969 (Night Ride) and June 1st, 1969 (Top Gear).

    Pink Floyd
    Mr Pig Oakland CA


    DISC 1
    (1) SHEEP  (2) PIGS ON THE WING (PART 1)  (3) DOGS  (4) PIGS ON THE WING (PART 2)  
    DISC 2
    (4) MONEY  (5) US AND THEM  (6) Careful With That Axe, Eugene  
    < Alameda Coliseum, Oakland, Ca, USA 05/09/1977 > AUDIENCE VG+



    Pink Floyd
    Knebworth Fayre, Knebworth, England (Of Promises Broken)



    Shine On You Crazy Diamond  11.33
    Great Gig In The Sky  5.18
    Wish You Were Here  5.40
    Sorrow  10.05
    Money  11.40
    Comfortably Numb  8.30
    Run Like Hell  7.37
    David Gilmour - Guitar, Vocals
    Nick Mason - Drums
    Rick Wright - Keyboards
    Guy Pratt - Bass
    John Carin - Keyboards
    Tim Renwick - Guitar
    Gary Wallis - Percussion
    Candy Dulfer - Saxophone
    Durga McBroom - Backing Vocals
    Sam Brown - Backing Vocals
    Vicky Brown - Backing Vocals
    Claire Torry - Backing Vocals 


    Pink Floyd
    Earl's Court
    August 4, 1980


    Pink Floyd's live rendition of "The Wall" performed throughout 1980 and 1981 ranks as some of the most spectacular shows ever to be performed in front of an audience. The initial intent of Alan Parker and Pink Floyd was to include live footage of "The Wall" shows into the movie version of "The Wall" and some shows were filmed for that specific purpose. The perfomance on the 8th of August at Earls Court in London was one of these shows.
    This concert was actually taped with 6 cameras and was eddited to be included in the movie. But it was pulled from "The Wall" movie when it became obvious that there would be no good way to mix the two. 
    This set packed in digipack with high quality printing inside and outside the cover. Very special edition. For real collectors.
    1. In The Flesh
    2. The Thin Ice
    3. Another Brick In The Wall Part 1
    4. The Happiest Days Of Our Lives
    5. Another Brick In The Wall Part 2
    6. Mother
    7. Goodbye Blue Sky
    8. Empty Spaces
    9. Young Lust
    10. One Of My Turns
    11. Don't Leave Me Now
    12. Another Brick In The Wall Part 3
    13. Goodbye Cruel World
    1. Hey You
    2. Is There Anybody Out There?
    3. Nobody Home
    4. Vera
    5. Bring The Boys Back Home
    6. Comfortably Numb
    7. The Show Must Go On
    8. In The Flesh
    9. Run Like Hell
    10. Waiting For The Worms
    11. Stop
    12. The Trial
    13. Outside The Wall


    Roger Waters & Ron Geesin
    November 28, 1970
    Music from The Body


    Music from The Body is the soundtrack album to Roy Battersby's 1970 documentary film The Body, about human biology, narrated by Vanessa Redgrave and Frank Finlay. The music was composed in collaboration between Pink Floyd member Roger Waters and Ron Geesin, and employs biomusic, including sounds made by the human body (slaps, breathing, laughing, whispering, flatulence, etc.), in addition to more traditional guitar, piano and stringed instruments. The date of this album places it between Ummagumma and Atom Heart Mother, the latter featuring Geesin as a collaborator. The album's final track, "Give Birth to a Smile", features an uncredited appearance by all four members of Pink Floyd, with Geesin playing piano.
    [edit] Song information
        * "Our Song" features some hectic piano, and noises reminiscent of "Several Species..." from Ummagumma.
        * "Sea Shell And Stone" is a quiet, pastoral ballad, similar to "Grantchester Meadows", consisting of cello and acoustic guitar.
        * "Red Stuff" and "Bridge Passage For Three Plastic Teeth" are cello/violin instrumentals.
        * "A Gentle Breeze Blew Through Life" is another instrumental, featuring Spanish-style guitar playing.
        * "Lick Your Partners" is a faintly comical but dark, sound collage.
        * "Chain Of Life" is sung by Waters and is another pastoral medley.
        * "Womb Bit" contains disconcerting sound effects and piano.
        * "More Than Seven Dwarfs In ***** Land" is one of the most non-traditional songs on the album, and features chanting.
        * "Dance Of The Red Corpuscles" sounds similar to a merry Irish jig.
        * "Body Transport" features whispered words in a Scottish accent, and heavy breathing.
        * "Hand Dance" does sound like a ballroom dance recording, with violin and cello.
        * "Breathe" (not to be confused with The Dark Side of the Moon's song of the same name) is another ballad, in which Waters sings about environmental issues.
        * "Embryonic Womb-Walk" is a highly classical piece, full of atmosphere and dynamics.
        * "Mrs. Throat Goes Walking" is a mildly humorous, bass-led sound collage with various strange voices produced by Geesin.
        * "Give Birth to a Smile" features an uncredited Pink Floyd, with backing singers.
    [edit] Track listing
       1. "Our Song" – 1:24 (Geesin/Waters)
       2. "Sea Shell And Stone" – 2:17 (Waters)
       3. "Red Stuff Writhe" – 1:11 (Geesin)
       4. "A Gentle Breeze Blew Through Life" – 1:19 (Geesin)
       5. "Lick Your Partners" – 0:35 (Geesin)
       6. "Bridge Passage For Three Plastic Teeth" – 0:35 (Geesin)
       7. "Chain Of Life" – 3:59 (Waters)
       8. "The Womb Bit" – 2:06 (Geesin/Waters)
       9. "Embryo Thought" – 0:39 (Geesin)
      10. "March Past Of the Embryos" – 1:08 (Geesin)
      11. "More Than Seven Dwarfs In *****-Land" – 2:03 (Geesin)
      12. "Dance of The Red Corpuscles" – 2:04 (Geesin)
      13. "Body Transport" – 3:16 (Geesin/Waters)
      14. "Hand Dance" - Full Evening Dress – 1:01 (Geesin)
      15. "Breathe" – 2:53 (Waters)
      16. "Old Folks Ascension" – 3:47 (Geesin)
      17. "Bed-Time-Dream-Clime" – 2:02 (Geesin)
      18. "Piddle In Perspex" – 0:57 (Geesin)
      19. "Embryonic Womb-Walk" – 1:14 (Geesin)
      20. "Mrs. Throat Goes Walking" – 2:05 (Geesin)
      21. "Sea Shell and Soft Stone" – 2:05 (Geesin/Waters)
      22. "Give Birth to a Smile" – 2:49 (Waters)



    Roger Waters
    Radio K.A.O.S.


    Radio K.A.O.S. is a 1987 concept album/rock opera by former Pink Floyd bassist and songwriter Roger Waters. It is his second solo album.
    The concept is based around a 23-year-old disabled man from Wales named Billy.
    Billy is confined to a wheelchair and is thought to be mentally a vegetable. However, Billy is highly intelligent but has no way of expressing himself. Billy has a twin brother Benny who is a coal miner. Billy lives with Benny, Molly his wife, and their children. Unfortunately, Benny has lost his job in the mines due to the "market forces". One night, Benny and Billy are out on a pub crawl when they pass a shop full of TV screens broadcasting Margaret Thatcher's "mocking condescension". Benny vents his anger on this shop and steals a cordless phone. Next, in theatrical fashion, Benny poses on a footbridge in protest to the closures; the same night, a taxi driver is killed by a concrete block dropped from a similar bridge. The police question Benny, who hides the phone in Billy's wheelchair. Benny is taken to prison, and Molly, unable to cope, sends Billy to live with his uncle David in L.A.. Billy is gifted and can hear radio waves in his head ("Radio Waves" track 1), so he begins to explore the cordless phone, recognising its similarity to a radio. He experiments with the phone and is able to access computers and speech synthesisers, he learns to speak through them. He calls a radio station in L.A. named Radio KAOS (hence the album title) and tells them of his life story about his brother being in jail ("Me or Him" track 3), about his sister-in-law not being able to cope and sending him to L.A. to live with his uncle Dave ("Sunset Strip" track 5), and about the closures of the mines ("Powers that Be" track 4). Billy eventually hacks in to a military satellite and fools the world in to thinking nuclear ICBMs are about to be detonated at major cities all over the world whilst deactivating the military's power to retaliate ("Home" track 6 and "Four Minutes" track 7). The album concludes with a song about how everyone, in thinking they were about to die, realises that the fear and competitiveness peddled by the mass media is much less important than their love for family and the larger community. ("The Tide is Turning" track 8).
    The album is dedicated "to all those who find themselves at the violent end of monetarism." This and other moments in the album--such as a segment juxtaposing a Ronald Reagan campaign slogan with clips from an old western TV show and an apparent recorded plea from American hostages not to engage in "heroics" to free them--make Waters' political point of view quite clear.
    [edit] Track listing
    All songs written by Roger Waters.
       1. "Radio Waves" – 4:58
       2. "Who Needs Information" – 5:55
       3. "Me or Him" – 5:23
       4. "The Powers That Be" – 4:36
       5. "Sunset Strip" – 4:45
       6. "Home" – 6:00
       7. "Four Minutes" – 4:00
       8. "The Tide Is Turning (After Live Aid)" – 5:43
    There are three other songs that were written for this album, but were only played live or released on singles. "Going to Live in L.A." told of how Benny was sent to jail, his sister-in-law Molly could not cope and so sent Billy to live with his uncle Dave. "Get Back to Radio" was told from Benny's perspective behind bars about how lonely he is. "Molly's Song" (part of which is reprised on "Four Minutes" on the album) is Billy's tale of how he can hack in to government satellites to watch over Molly, his sister-in-law back in Wales.



    Pink Floyd
    Fillmore West
    29 Apr 70

    Recorded live 29 April 1970 at the Fillmore West, San Francisco, California. (Be careful not to confuse this set with the Floyd's studio appearance at KQED, which was videotaped earlier on the same day and which has been widely circulated.)
    This show has been circulating for many years as an incomplete soundboard recording in excellent quality, missing the beginning of "Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun" and all but the first minutes of "A Saucerful of Secrets". It has been one of the most bootlegged concerts in Pink Floyd's career, with many previous RoIOs released under real and fictitious dates (one of the most common claiming to be live at Winterland on 21 October 1970). However, Interstellar Encore trumped those earlier releases by interpolating a second source, recorded from the audience and also in excellent quality, that includes the full "A Saucerful of Secrets" and the previously-unknown encore, a powerful performance of "Interstellar Overdrive" (which gives this RoIO its title). Also included are some between-song conversations which were missing on earlier releases. Interstellar Encore does not, however, include the first half of "Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun", which reportedly is on the audience source but suffers from severe tape speed problems.
    Harvested Records has remastered this show, removing a chirping noise that plagues certain sections of the recording, and released it as Interstellar Fillmore. Other CDR releases of this show are numerous, and the complete "second source" (audience tape) is available in Pink Floyd trading circles, though hard to find.
    David Gilmour
    Roger Waters
    Nick Mason
    Richard Wright
    01 Atom heart Mother
    02 Cymbaline
    03 Grantchester Meadows
    04 Green is the Color
    05 Careful with that Axe Eugene
    06 Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun



    Pink Floyd 1973 A Nice Pair


    A Nice Pair is a compilation album by Pink Floyd, re-issuing their first 2 albums, The Piper at the Gates of Dawn and A Saucerful of Secrets in a new gatefold sleeve. It reached #36 in the U.S. Billboard album charts, and was certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) in March 1994. There are a few differences between the U.S. and U.K. issues on the first disc. Capitol Records reconstructed their edition from tapes that had already been altered for the debut U.S. album Pink Floyd (the original U.S. title for Piper) and other tapes in their possession. As explained on the back cover of the U.S. edition, songs dropped from the Pink Floyd album, "Flaming", "Astronomy Domine" and "Bike", are restored for this re-issue. But some of these songs appear in versions that are different from the U.K. "Piper" release: the 8 minute live Ummagumma recording of "Astronomy Domine" replaces the original 4 minute studio recording; "Interstellar Overdrive" fades out slightly early (as it did on the U.S. debut album) and adds a few seconds of silence before "The Gnome", rather than using a segue between these songs as found on the U.K. version; and "Flaming" is an alternate mix which previously appeared on a U.S. single, and the only track to appear on this album in mono. In later pressings, the correct stereo version of "Flaming" was restored, while the other songs continued to appear in the versions described here. The American version of this album was also released in Canada. The cover is by the Hipgnosis group, who did many other Pink Floyd covers, and consists of 2 grids of 18 small pictures of proposed but previously unused album cover designs. Several images depict a well-known phrase or saying in the form of a visual pun; for instance, the centre right-hand panel on the front depicts "a fork in the road", while the bottom right represents "a different kettle of fish". Another picture presents two puns on the album title: a nice pear, and an image of a woman's breasts; the latter is censored with a black bar on some copies, while other U.S. copies opted to cover it with a purple and white sticker over the shrink wrap. Initial copies had a picture of a Mr. W. R. Phang's dental surgery on the cover (a genuine business), but Dr. Phang objected because dentists were not allowed to advertise, and the picture was replaced with one of a gargling monk. U.S. editions from the 1980s restored both the nudity and the W. R. Phang photo. The album was the band's next U.S. release after The Dark Side of the Moon, and introduced new fans to the earlier psychedelic sound of the Syd Barrett period of Pink Floyd, which contrasted greatly to the style of their more recent work. Following the worldwide re-issue of the original two albums on CD, including the original U.K. version of The Piper at the Gates of Dawn, A Nice Pair is out of print. All songs by Syd Barrett, except where noted. [edit] The Piper at the Gates of Dawn [edit] Side one 1. "Astronomy Domine" – 4:14 U.K. version, 8:12 U.S. version * Lead vocals on UK pressing: Syd Barrett and Richard Wright; lead vocals on US pressing: David Gilmour and Richard Wright 2. "Lucifer Sam" – 3:07 * Lead vocals: Syd Barrett 3. "Matilda Mother" – 3:08 * Lead vocals: Syd Barrett and Richard Wright 4. "Flaming" – 2:46 * Lead vocals: Syd Barrett 5. "Pow R. Toc H." (Barrett / Roger Waters / Richard Wright / Nick Mason) – 4:26 * Instrumental 6. "Take Up Thy Stethoscope and Walk" (Waters) – 3:05 * Lead vocals: Roger Waters [edit] Side two 1. "Interstellar Overdrive" (Barrett / Waters / Wright / Mason) – 9:41 * Instrumental (no segue on U.S. version) 2. "The Gnome" – 2:13 * Lead vocals: Syd Barrett 3. "Chapter 24" – 3:42 * Lead vocals: Syd Barrett 4. "The Scarecrow" – 2:11 * Lead vocals: Syd Barrett 5. "Bike" – 3:21 * Lead vocals: Syd Barrett [edit] A Saucerful of Secrets [edit] Side three 1. "Let There Be More Light" (Waters) – 5:38 * Lead vocals: Richard Wright and David Gilmour, whispers: Roger Waters 2. "Remember a Day" (Wright) – 4:33 * Lead vocals: Richard Wright 3. "Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun" (Waters) – 5:28 * Lead vocals: Roger Waters 4. "Corporal Clegg" (Waters) – 4:13 * Lead vocals: David Gilmour and Nick Mason [edit] Side four 1. "A Saucerful of Secrets" (David Gilmour / Waters / Wright / Mason) – 11:57 * Instrumental 2. "See-Saw" (Wright) – 4:36 * Lead vocals: Richard Wright 3. "Jugband Blues" – 3:00 * Lead vocals: Syd Barrett 


    Pink Days & Fat Old Suns


    Pink Days and the Fat Old Suns is basically Dark Side of the Moon done live in June 1973 in the USA with 2 tracks at the end of the album done in England in 1970.
    The first 9 tracks of Dark Side of the Moon are done in very good quality with the band playing very well. They stretch a few songs out by jamming such as "On the Run", "Great Gig in the Sky", "Money" and a fantastic jam on "Any Colour You Like" making it 4 minutes longer than the original song. The only thing that I think is lacking just a bit is the harmonies on "Breathe" and "Us and Them" but it is still phenomenal.
    The last two tracks are somewhat a disappointment because of the quality. The quality really takes away from what would have been a great performance on "Cymbaline" from More and "Careful With that Axe Eugene" from Ummagumma. They are still an interesting listen though. "Cymbaline" is taken to 9 minutes long and "Eugene" is taken 11:43 both with some cool interludes.
    1  	Speak To Me / Breathe 	 5:22  	
    2 	On The Run 	5:06 	
    3 	Time.	6:44 	
    4 	The Great Gig In The Sky 	6:40 	
    5 	Money 	7:55 	
    6 	Us And Them 	8:01 	
    7 	Any Colour You Like 	7:41 	
    8 	Brain Damag 	3:48 	
    9 	Eclipse 	1:44 	
    10 	Careful With That Axe, Eugene 	11:43 	
    11 	Cymbaline 	9:02 



    Pink Floyd
    Los Angelos


    Disc 1
    1Raving And Drooling
    2You've Gotta Be Crazy
    3Shine On You Crazy Diamond part 1 ~ 5 	
    4Have A Cigar 	
    5Shine On You Crazy Diamond part 6 ~ 9 	
    Total time 	
    Disc 2
    6Speak to Me
    8On The Run 	
    10Breathe (Reprise) 	
    11The Great Gig In The Sky
    13Us And Them 	7:50
    14Any Colour You Like
    15Brain Damage
    Total time 	
    Disc 3
    1Tuning and Intro, Echoes
    David Gilmour  	Guitar, Vocals & Special effects
    Nick Mason 	Drums, Percussion, Tape effects, Backingvocals
    Roger Waters 	Bass Guitar, Vocals & Special effects
    Rick Wright 	Keyboards, Vocals & Special effects
    Dick Parry 	Saxophone
    Vanetta Fields 	Backingvocals
    Carlena Williams 	Backingvocals


    Pink Floyd
    In The Grassland Away


    X-ref: „Animal Farm”,
    „Caught In The Crossfire”,
    „Live USA”,
    „In A Pig’s Eye”,
    „Ha Ha, Charade You Are”,
    „Have A Cigar”,
    „New York Live 1977”,
    „Welcome To The Machine”,
    „Madison Square Garden”.
    Venue: July 2nd, 1977 – Madison Square Garden, New York, USA.
    Album notes:
    No number is listenable during „Pigs”.
    What a beauty… Complete show (no fillers!) in brilliant quality. From extremely rare, unprocessed master source. Revised and very carefully indexed.
    Audience recording. Lineage: A Cass[Master]>DAT>CDR>EAC>SHN.
    Disc 1:
    1. Sheep (11:10)
    2. Pigs On The Wing – part 1 (1:34)
    3. Dogs (18:09)
    4. Pigs On The Wing – part 2 (2:48)
    5. Pigs (Three Different Ones) (19:12)
    Disc 2:
    1. Shine On You Crazy Diamond – parts 1-5 (13:48)
    2. Welcome To The Machine (7:50)
    3. Have A Cigar (5:50)
    4. Wish You Were Here (7:20)
    5. Shine On You Crazy Diamond – parts 6-9 (19:41)
    5. Money (10:30)
    6. Us And Them (7:20)


    Pink Floyd
    Miami live


    01. Intro
    02. Sheep
    03. Pigs On The Wing, pt 1
    04. Dogs
    05. Pigs On The Wing, pt 2
    06. Pigs (three different ones)
    07. Shine On You Crazy Diamond, pts 1-5
    01. Welcome To The Machine
    02. Have A Cigar
    03. Wish You Were Here
    04. Shine On You Crazy Diamond, pts 6-9
    05. Money
    06. Us And Them 


    Pink Floyd
    Goodbye Mr. Pink Floyd!


           1. Radio Waves                      4:32
           2. Welcome To The Machine           7:06
           3. Money                            5:02
           4. In The Flesh                     3:31
           5. Have A Cigar                     3:13
           6. Pigs                             3:37
           7. Wish You Were Here               5:11
           8. Mother                           6:57
           9. Final Cut                        3:44
          10. If                               3:45
          11. The Power That Be                3:59
          12. Breath In The Air                3:28
          13. Brain Damage & Eclipe (Medley)   6:28
          14. Another Brick In The Wall        4:02
          15. The Happiest Days Of Our Lives   1:21
          16. Another Brick In The Wall        4:15
              Total:                          70:23


    Pink Floyd
    Pigs and Pyramids: An Allstar Lineup Performing the Songs of Pink Floyd


    Track Listings
    1. Another Brick in the Wall, Pt. 2 - Gregg Bissonette, Ronnie Montrose, Mike Porcaro, Fee Waybill
    2. Welcome to the Machine - Gregg Bissonette, Gary Hoey, Doug Pinnick, Mike Porcaro, Derek Sherinian
    3. Comfortably Numb - Billy Sherwood
    4. Shine on You Crazy Diamond - Vinnie Colaiuta, Steve Lukather, Marco Mendoza
    5. Us and Them - Jimmy Haslip, Jeff Scott Soto, Pat Torpey
    6. Young Lust - Tony Franklin
    7. Run Lie Hell - Tony Franklin, Tony Kaye, Dweezil Zappa
    8. Any Colour You Like - Tony Franklin, Steve Porcaro
    9. Money - Mike Baird, Tommy Shaw
    10. Have a Cigar - Gregg Bissonette, Bobby Kimball, Bob Kulick, Bruce Kulick, Mike Porcaro
    11. Breathe (In the Air) - Robin McAuley, Philip Soussan 


    Pink Floyd
    A Journey Through Time & Space


    This mysterious double-CD bootleg bears no label name or year of release, although it's very handsomely designed and packaged. A double-CD bootleg is of interest almost exclusively to feverish fans almost by definition, but those interested in early Pink Floyd will be pleased by the availability of this material. Disc one, titled "Outer Zabriskie," contains a whopping 77 minutes of outtakes from their work on the Zabriskie Point soundtrack, all in excellent, official release, standard fidelity. While these sessions from late 1969 were of rather peripheral importance to the group's career, it is still nicely ambient stuff, varying from jazz tinkles and space instrumentals to blues and fairly normal hard rock, with some real surprises along the way. "The Violent Sequence," a solo piano piece, is basically an early working version of the tune that was developed into the Dark Side of the Moon standard "Us and Them." One of the versions of "Fingals Cave," apparently intended as the background music to a sex scene, contains some riotously blue, simulated-sex spoken vocals, presumably by the band; at one point someone dryly notes, tongue full-in-cheek, "f*cking long three minutes, and I do mean f*cking!" The "fast version" of "Crumbling Land" is the closest that Floyd came to sounding like the Grateful Dead. The second disc, titled "Spontaneous Underground," is a spottier collection of odds and ends from 1966-1974, but does have some notable finds. Foremost is a jittery, almost punky 15-minute studio version of "Interstellar Overdrive" from October 1966, used for the soundtrack of the obscure art film San Francisco. The rest is largely live material of such erratic fidelity that it's not too notable, although the 1970 "Theme From More" is an excellent performance, sabotaged by poor sound. The program concludes with an alternate studio version of Dark Side of the Moon's "Brain Damage," done for a 1974 BBC documentary on the NASA space program. The 20-page booklet is packed with liner notes and photos, though only a few pages of the text, unfortunately, specifically discuss music on the disc. ~ Richie Unterberger, All Music Guide

    Dark Side of the Moon
    The Doctored Remix


    I was a DJ at WMFO in Medford, Massachusetts, just outside of Boston.  I had some free time on my hands so I decided to
    do something different for my show to draw attention to it.  After watching Classic Album's documentary DVD about the
    making of Dark Side of The Moon, I thought it would be cool to hear what the album would sound like if it were "produced
    The original "remix" (v1.0) was painstakingly mixed using the MFSL's Original Master Recording with loads of samples, new solo performances from David Gilmour, Roger Waters, and Richard Wright from that documentary DVD.  It also includes rare studio
    overdubs and outtakes from the filming of Live In Pompeii, was well as alternate studio versions, and live performances from
    a significant moments during Floyd's career.  In early 2004, I made several improvements to the "remix" and called it v2.0.
    I'll have you know... I made damn sure this "remix" preserves the overall authenticity, pace, and character as it was intended.
    It's already a perfect album.  This is just a different way of experiencing it.   
    1.    Speak To Me
                  Intro mixed from P.U.L.S.E. and Dark Side of The Moon DVD using the various voices heard through
                  out the album with a stereo effect applied, then mixes into...
      2.    Breathe
                  Starts with a new rhythm electric guitar solo by David, then back to the original version before the vocals
                  kick in, then mixes into...
      3.    Traveling Sequence / On The Run
                  Starts with a full live version taken from the Rainbow Theater concert, February 17th, 1972, This concert was
                  the first official performance of “Dark Side of The Moon” and features a powerful, driving riff by David Gilmour
                  with a blues accent.  This was eventually dropped and replaced by the now familiar sound effect and VCS3
                  synthesizer track.  At this point in the mix, the VCS3 starts out slowly, then speeds up to the original album
                  version.  As the track nears the end, a drone synthesizer effect, from an outtake is added, then mixes into...   
      4.    Time / Breathe (reprise)
                  Starts out with the original version till just after the clocks where a demo version appears that features a much
                  longer rototom mix.  Just after the line “you've missed the starting gun”, an isolated, new guitar solo from the
                  DVD blasts in then cuts back to the original album version.  Just after the lyrics "Thought I'd something more to
                  say.", a new acoustic performance of Breathe (reprise) from David Gilmour from the DVD takes over,
                  then mixes into...
      5.    Great Gig In The Sky
                  Taken from the DVD this new performance by Richard Wright features only the piano.  The track then slowly
                  fades into the original version just before Gerry Driscoll (the Irish doorman at Abby Road) says “Why should I
                  be frightened of dying…” then Gilmour’s lap steel guitar is added just before the vocals kick in, then mixes into...
      6.    Money
                  Starts with an extended loop.  The song remains unchanged until after the first guitar solo where it suddenly
                  mixes into a live jam session from P.U.L.S.E. with a cool stereo effect applied.  It then gently glides back into
                  the original version, then mixes into...
      7.    Us And Them
                  Starts with the original intro where a newly recorded rhythm electric guitar solo fades in.  Then a new solo
                  piano that's very reminiscent of the Violence Sequence takes over for a while and later mixes back to the
                  original album version.  Halfway into the song the music almost fades out to make the voice of Roger The Hat
                  more audible.  Roger The Hat, was a roadie for Pink Floyd during the making of the album.  He was interviewed
                  by Roger Waters.  When Waters asked Roger The Hat about the last time he got violent towards someone, he
                  recalls the day before when he was almost involved in an auto accident because of someone else's negligence.
                  He continues to explain how he tried to peacefully exchange a few brief words with the careless driver, who only
                  ended up adding insult to injury so Roger The Hat took it upon himself to teach the driver a valuable life lesson,
                  then mixes into...     
      8.    Any Colour You Like
                  Starts with a live excerpt taken from the same Rainbow Theater concert as On The Run, February 17th, 1972,
                  then half way in, mixes back into the original album version, then mixes into... 
      9.    Brain Damage
                  Starts off with the first verse as new acoustic performance by Roger Waters from the DVD.  Just after the lyrics
                  “…everyday the paperboy brings more.”, the original version quickly fades into the first chorus that includes an
                  overdubbed alternate guitar riff from an outtake with a slight reverb applied to the percussion.  Again the acoustic
                  version cuts in for the second verse and chorus.  After the lyric, “I’ll see you on the dark side of the moon.” the
                  original version fades back in just before the girls vocals kick in, then mixes into...
    10.    Eclipse
                  This track mixes out from the girls vocals and into an outtake from the recording sessions.  The outtake has a
                  guitar bed throughout the entire track.   At the end, the heartbeat is slightly louder and now bounces back and
                  forth from the left to the right.   Also, Gerry’s original, “There's no dark side of the moon really.  A matter of
                  fact, its all dark.”, was made louder with an additional thought, that was not on the album

    Pink Floyd (Screaming Abdabs)
    Empire Pool, Wembley, London


    Catalog: Sigma 6 DSM-1972
    Misc.: Special collectors series. Thanks to no. 6
    Produced: 1989 Digital Junkie, Made in Japan (The pink (!) CD itself says (c)1985 -PIET)
    Date: 741116
    Cover: Picture of Floyd outside Rainbow Theatre doing a 'sieg heil' greeting.
    Sources: 16 Nov 1974, London.
    1. Speak To Me 2:30
    2. Breathe 2:49
    3. On The Run 5:07
    4. Time 5:27
    Breathe (Reprise) 1:02 6:29
    5. The Great Gig In The Sky 6:49
    6. Money 7:49
    7. Us And Them 7:51
    8. Any Colour You Like 7:33
    9. Brain Damage 3:42
    10. Eclipse 1:58
    Total: 52:39


    Pink Floyd
    Rockabye Baby! Lullaby Renditions of Pink Floyd


    We couldn't think of a band more deserving of the lullaby treatment then Pink Floyd. The sounds of this legendary group speak to the parts of the brain that are wide awake during that lovely dream state called REM, They are musical journeys to the bright side of the moon and beyond.
    Artist  	Various Artists
    Release Year 	2006
    	Speak to Me/Breathe
    	Wish You Were Here
    	The Great Gig in the Sky
    	Hey You
    	Goodbye Blue Sky
    	Us and Them
    	Brain Damage


    Pink Floyd
    Various - A Saucerful Of Pink - A Tribute To Pink Floyd


    1-01  	 Psychic TV   	Set Controls For The Heart Of The Sun (10:16)
      	  Gong, Keyboards, Vibraphone [Vibes] - Billy Pink
      Guitar [Lead] - Michael Champagna
      Mixed By, Producer - Larry Thrasher
      Producer - Genesis P-Orridge*
    1-02 	Controlled Bleeding 	Another Brick In The Wall (Part 1&2) (9:30)
      	  Mixed By, Producer - Paul Lemos
    1-03 	Spahn Ranch 	One Of These Days (5:21)
      	  Mixed By - Judson Leach
      Mixed By, Producer - Matt Green (2)
    1-04 	Sky Cries Mary 	Wots-Uh The Deal (7:07)
      	  Mixed By, Recorded By - Jack Endimo*
    1-05 	Spiral Realms 	Interstellar Overdrive (8:49)
      	  Mixed By, Producer - Len Del Rio , Simon House
      Written-By - Barrett*
    1-06 	Leæther Strip 	Learning To Fly (5:05)
      	  Mixed By, Producer - Claus Larson*
      Written-By - Moore* , Ezrin* , Carin*
    1-07 	Ron Geesin 	To Roger Waters, Wherever You Are (3:00)
      	  Mixed By, Producer, Written-By - Ron Geesin
    1-08 	Eden (6) 	Jugband Blues (5:15)
      	  Mixed By, Producer - Adam Calaitzis , Sean Bowley
      Written-By - Barrett*
    1-09 	Din 	On The Run (7:55)
      	  Mixed By, Producer - Pupa Frey*
    2-01 	Alien Sex Fiend 	Echoes (7:36)
      	  Engineer, Mixed By - Dan Zamani
      Engineer, Mixed By [Assisted By] - Sheldon Isaac
      Guitar - Dave Dearnaley
      Producer - Alien Sex Fiend
    2-02 	Furnace 	Hey You (5:49)
      	  Mixed By, Producer - Brian Emerich
    2-03 	Nik Turner 	Careful With That Axe, Eugene (9:09)
      	  Mixed By - Len Del Rio
      Producer - Nik Turner
    2-04 	Electric Hellfire Club, The 	Lucifer Sam (3:22)
      	  Engineer - Paul Kneevers
      Engineer [Assisted By] - Jeff Hamilton (3)
      Mixed By, Producer - Electric Hellfire Club, The
      Written-By - Barrett*
    2-05 	Helios Creed 	Pig On The Wing (2:25)
      	  Mixed By, Producer - Helios Creed
    2-06 	Pressurehed 	Let There Be More Light (5:59)
      	  Mixed By - Len Del Rio
      Producer - Pressurehed
    2-07 	Penal Colony 	Young Lust (3:52)
      	  Mixed By, Producer - Dee Madden
    2-08 	EXP 	A Saucerful Of Secrets (7:53)
      	  Mixed By, Producer - EXP
    2-09 	Melting Euphoria 	Point Me At The Sky (5:01)
      	  Mixed By, Producer - Melting Euphoria
    2-10 	Farflung 	The Nile Song (6:49)
      	  Mixed By, Producer - Farflung , Michael Long 

    Pink Floyd
    TRIBUTE Pickin' On Pink Floyd - A Bluegrass Tribute


    Recorded at Studio "Z", Santa Barbara, California.
    Personnel: David West (guitar, 5-string banjo, mandolin, bass); Bill Flores (dobro, fiddle); Byron Berline, Dennis Caplinger, Gabe Witcher (fiddle); Tom Ball (harmonica); Lorenzo Martinez (percussion).
    1. See Emily Play 3:43
    2. Money 6:10
    3. Astronomy Domine 5:14
    4. Julia Dream 3:59
    5. Another Brick In The Wall 4:03
    6. Run Like Hell 4:16
    7. Wish You Were Here 3:33
    8. Breathe In The Air 4:01
    9. Lucifer Sam 3:24
    10. Comfortably Numb 5:45
    11. Time 4:28
    12. Goodbye Blue Sky 3:06
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