Pink Floyd - KQED (DVD)

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    Pink Floyd - KQED (DVD)


    Presented by KQED San Fransisco
    Recorded on the afternoon of April 29, 1970

    Rebroadcast August 31, 1981

    This DVD is a combination of 2 sources.
    A VHS tape recorded directly from the
    rebroadcast was used for the video, while
    the audio was sourced from a 3/4" station
    master. Both video and audio have been
    cleaned up and remastered for this release

    Audio: Dolby Digital 2.0
    System: NTSC
    Region: Free
    Duration: 59 min
    Size: 3.35 gb

    01.Atom Heart Mother


    03.Grantchester Meadows

    04.Green is the color

    05.Careful with that axe Eugene

    06.Set the controls for the heart of the sun

    pass: by_pfedor
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    Links are dead
  3. Bronko

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  4. Getzi

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    it is not my upload. my upload speed is only 6 kb/s. it would last for ages,doing absolutely nothing else on the net, to upload this dvd
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    please post only uploads that YOU are in control of. there's no need to waste posts on dead links.
  6. Getzi

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    they weren't dead when i posted them. you joined 3 min ago and already complaining about something. for difference betwen me and you, I'm at least trying to help other people
  7. typing a few words wanking about how "it's not my upload" isn't helping anyone!
    all it does is show you to be a low-class individual.
    there's also no need to disparage me for being only a "3 min member" -- you were once a "3 min member" too... we all have to start somewhere, and i intend to only upload files I CONTROL so it doesn't screw over people who try to download only a month later.

    please, from now on, act like an adult, or you will be banned from this forum forever.
  8. Getzi

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    I wanted to be nice. It's not my faul that i'm living in the shity country with minimum upload speed. I'm helping in way to let other people download something that i have found and downloaded, I ALWAYS check links before I post, so there is no mistake!

    a hundred people thans me for sharing with them link that i found,and you are complaining about something that's not depending of me.

    what am I arguing about with you anyway - FUCK OFF!

    please erase this topic
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    hey man, that wasn't me!
    i was just frustrated about thee dead links. i understand you are just helping ;) it's cool! but really, that wasn't me!
  10. Getzi

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    ok man. I'm sorry that I've attacked you. I'm not happy also when I find something that I want to download and the links are dead.
    But what I ment to say is that I spend an hours with copying those links on this forum to share that music dvds with other people who respect dvd more than divx, and then some asshole turn on telling me that I'm "a low-class individual"!! :shok:
    I was never humiliated that much in my life

    once again @girlvert666bitch:
    FUCK YOU!!!
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    Crima...Dead Links...!!!
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    no shit???? [​IMG]

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