Pinnacle Studio HD 15 Content Pack Light (ENG/x86/Win 2011)

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    Pinnacle Studio HD 15 Content Pack Light (ENG/x86/Win 2011)| 5.1 GB

    Pinnacle Studio HD 15 Content Pack 2.0 Light - a collection of effects and add-ons for Pinnacle Studio HD 15. All additions greatly expand the possibilities of the program Pinnacle Studio, which will allow you to increase your creativity, well, a huge set of special effects will help to better and more productive to work on the footage.

    *Set SATA as AHCI Mode
    *Turnoff "Processor Power Management"

    It is Better to Remove All Other Hard Disks Presented in Your Computer

    IF Your DVD Rom Hangs During Installation YoThe assembly:
    - Premium Pack Volume 1-2
    - Themes Winter Pack
    - Creative Pack Volume 1-3
    - Title Extreme
    - Hollywood FX Volume 1-3
    - RTFX Volume 2
    - ScoreFitter Volume 1-3
    - Video Plugins: BS Effects
    - Video Plugins: BWPlugins Pack 1-3
    - Video Plugins: Bravo Studio Pack 1-3
    - Video Plugins: Camera POV
    - Video Plugins: Canal +
    - Video Plugins: Dziedzic Pack
    - Video Plugins: FX
    - Video Plugins: KHT
    - Video Plugins: Liquid 3D Editor
    - Video Plugins: Liquid Mosaic
    - Video Plugins: Liquid RGB Difference Key
    - Video Plugins: MisterZ
    - Video Plugins: NewBlue Video
    - Video Plugins: Pixelan SpiceMASTER Pro 2.5
    - Video Plugins: Stage Tools
    - Video Plugins: TimeCode
    - Video Plugins: Vance Effects
    - Video Plugins: Vdub2RTFx
    - Video Plugins: WL Filter
    - Pixel 1963 Alpha Magic Pack 1 (1189 gradient transitions)
    - Pixel 1963 Alpha Magic Pack 2 (1000 gradient transitions)


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