NitroFlare PlantFactory Producer 2015.2 (Mac OS X)

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    PlantFactory Producer 2015.2 (Mac OS X) | 1.1 GB
    Plant Factory is a must have for any vfx pipeline, and an ideal companion to VUE. Create, Edit and Export High-Quality Animated 3D Plants.

    What's New in Plant Factory 2015:
    Redesigned interface and workflow for an improved "new-user" experience
    Trunk, Branch, Twig, Stem, Leaf and Billboard framework nodes help you get going fast
    Basic and Advanced work spaces, adapted for newcomers and power users
    Edit the same parameter for several nodes simultaneously
    Simplified material creation using the new Basic Material Editor with standard channels for diffuse, alpha, normals and detail maps

    Here is a shortlist of some of the important new features included in Plant Factory 2015:
    Quads and Subdivision Surfaces
    Control mesh density of individual parts of the plant
    Detail maps and Double-sided materials
    Exchange plants or plant parts with ZBrush
    New ultra-realistic wind model
    Redesigned interface and workflow

    Simplified Material Editor
    New lightweight Simple Segment node for small branches and twigs
    New Node presets for the Segment and Leaf nodes
    Custom tailored FBX export preset for Unity 5
    Redesigned content, 19 new plant species
    44 simple tutorial scenes explaining specific settings

    Link Download:
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