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    Platinum Hide IP | 5 Mb​

    Want to hide your IP address? Platinum Hide IP automatically find a working proxy server, and designate it for use in your system. The main positive quality - small size and very simple operation.

    Features Platinum Hide IP:
    • Protects from any site that tries to "monitor" of your preferences or follow you on a unique IP address
    • Helps avoid the use of your personal information to send spam and other debris
    • Protects against hackers by hiding IP address, as well as information about the operating system
    • Ability to frequently change IP addresses increases safety
    • Enables or disables hiding the IP of your choice with one click
    • Allows you to bypass the limitation of the owners of some of the resources available to users from certain countries or geographical regions
    • For use with mail-service to send anonymous letters

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    Nice post on reading this i can easily understand the importance of hiding once ip address from public ...I used your tool and hided my ip address..Then i visited sites like to check that whether my ip address is hid or not ..Ya it successfully hid from public...

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