PLEASE MOD CORRECTLY. Mistakes are Getting Worse

Discussion in 'Archive' started by Ladybbird, Nov 26, 2010.

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    If it's porn, the post should be moved to mod garbage and the poster should be perma banned.
    Same thing goes for erotic books or pictures, and multi ID's.

    That justin biber share has been posted here several times by different handles before different sections.

    Once a member is perma banned, all of their threads and posts must be moved to mod garbage.

    I just banned another guy earlier that was posting the "Emma Watson" rubbish share that appears every now and again.

    People like this just create an ID to post the same share in as many sections as possible before they get caught.
    When they're caught, their threads must be removed.
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    Well it was not exactly porn and his other threads were good hence infraction

    I am going to ask Hope if I can prepare a staff training thread and just ask itisjust,catch and pisko also. I have just finished the same on my other big site and the new staff really appreciated it. All the experienced staff on here might like to add to it, in case I forget something. It might help all of us.

    Good morning honeybunch, where is my coffee?????
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    Of course decisions about whether a thread is porn (amateur or professional) or not is up to the staff member dealing with it lol.
    But just because the dude's other threads were "normal" doesn't change my method of dealing with posters of content which is in serious violation.

    -porn (amateur or professional)
    -erotic magazines or pictures
    -erotic adult games
    -advertising spammers

    Multi ID abusers are the worst of all posters, they are purposefully avoiding temp bans by having more than one login.


    No coffee here, I gave that up ages ago.
    Also, it's 2am here >_>

    As for a staff training thread, it's a good idea in theory.......but many mods here don't even read through all the threads in this section anyway.
    I personally think the shoutbox should be brought back for staff use can be used for training purposes (live).

    As well as direct communication for staff [​IMG]
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    Hey Dead I see you are the only other staff on line, I was working on 33 threads posted with incorrect icon from and merging them ready to give him an infraction, when they disappeared???????? completely. Did you delete them? or is it just another glitch on the board?

    The new staff read this section and post and I think we should help them.

    No thanks to the shoutbox, although I miss it and our chats, it is a great drain on the server and we all know how bad that is already and how tough it is to get on here sometimes. I had 111 reported posts to deal with and couldnt get on here for days.

    I have sent the request for me to do the staff training thread to hope and itisjust, pisko and catch, if they dont have time. It does take a while for prepare something like that, believe me.
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    Those threads were movie threads yeah? It wasn't me lol.

    Note: the board has been really messed up for a long time.Sometimes a staff member may be online, but the board will hide them (yes, the board, not the actual staff member hides themselves).I was asked numerous times if I was hiding myself, but I never have here.
    Also, if the board was fixed properly.......I can't list all the things that need to be done (remove search function for visitors or even just make virtually the whole board private, block some Vietnamese IP ranges, the list goes on) the resources would be there for a staff only shoutbox.

    Nothing can be done with the state the board is in atm, some of us mods have really given up hope of it ever being fixed properly.Even when I first came here it wasn't 100%.......the business with avatars never worked, images used here aren't resized smaller, links are automatically posted live (that can be stopped) blah blah blah.
    But at least the shoutbox worked ok for a little while........and then we lost it at the same time the board got reallybad (shutting down and database errors).

    The signs have been there for a long time that much work needs to be done, and I always warned that things would only get worse and not better if serious action isn't taken.

    One staff member here has offered to assist in fixing the board, and another has offered an offsite friend to assist.........nothing has happened :/
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    PS: there is another mod online atm.
    can you see him?
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    So you didnt delete the 33 threads?
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    I haven't deleted any movie threads lately.

    I deleted some game threads yesterday I think......they were "empty" threads that we sometimes see due to the board database being super retarded.

    And I deleted a post in the announcements section (from a multi-multi ID person) a little while ago.

    Also, I can't see any other staff here now (but that doesn't mean nobody else is here).

  11. and i honestly dont believe it ever will happen
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    I believe the issues with the threads either not being moved or moved to the wrong section was due to the site being rediculously slow for the last little while.... I know that I may have been at fault for some of these errors since when I attemtped to do the move, fix, ban, icons..... whatever it was... It just took way too long and either it timed out, or bounced me back tellimg me that the threads were not selected and/or after much thought and consideration, it was done, when in fact it is not.....

    I know catchmeifucan made a post about this very topic and since then the site seems to be somewhat back to normal..... These are the problems we have when the site only works half assed.... Posts are done incorrectly and the Moderation side of it is painful...
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    Painful is the word, the biggest problem I am finding is when an op is banned for fake links and only that thread moved into garbage, then his other threads just left. This causes more work, as if it was done correctly and all of his threads moved at the same time it would stop us having to deal with the other reports on his other threads. I find I am completing, maybe one of the new mod's work, this is not right. That is all I have done this morning.

    It is tough enough to Mod the op offenders with the board being so slow.
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    BRONZ, some help on your modding.

    You have to close threads when you move them into the recycle bin and not when you move them into garbage. I have corrected some that you closed/didnt close when you moved them. Here is one example;

    You should then give them a warning in the thread you move into the recycle bin You also have to check the history of the op on all his threads. I know this is very difficult when the site is so slow.

    Here is one example of a persistent offender, socolathui03 I had to finally ban him today for 7 days after he ignored other mods actions on all his 113 threads. He continued the same way.

    Read the staff training thread, lots of advice in there.

    Hope this helps.
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    I know lady what you are saying; most of the stuff that I moved was in garbage because of the Spammers. And I might have forgotten some that I moved to recycle bin. I'm not a newbie so please don;t try to treat me like one. If I've gotten this rank I might have done something in these 3 years to deserve it. don't you think???

    And about the warnings I know how to give warnings but there is no warning for spammers and I ban spammers on the very instant.
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    socolathui03 has been breaking games section posting rules with all of his games threads.
    I was thinking about doing an IP/ID check on him tomorrow during the day (my time) 'cos that's when the MCP is just barely usable and it's possible to deal with mass moving threads without errors (hopefully) if needs be.

    If you've banned him, then I may just forget about it lol.

    I have better things to do than waste time waiting for pages to load, or wait for the MCP to actually work the way I need it to.

    Bedtime for me's after 3am :)
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    Bronz I think you misunderstood. I gave you an example of the threads you were sending to garbage, by letting you know you dont need to close them. With the board being so slow this will take more of your time.

    There is a sticky thread in the garbage section for spammers which helps greatly if you are moving multi spam posts, this helps speed modding without having to open and move each one

    Dead I only banned him for 7 days for breaking site rules in the movie sections, didnt realise is he was also doing the same thing in your section, although a lot of this threads in applications etc. has also been moved to garbage by someone else for wrong icons. Lets see if he improves when his temp ban expires as most of his threads look good. Up to you honeybunch LOL
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    lol it never ceases to amaze me on how thing are done here .there's no control
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    Last night I spent many many hours correctly all the Mod mistakes. Some banned and none of their spam threads moved from the main forum. Some moved into recycle bin and the spammers not banned.

    Today I have spent another 4 hours correctly this shit modding (and I dont normally swear). This is not right and not fair to the good work the rest of us do. It is the same 2 people making the same mistakes over and over again. I am not going to name names, that is not my place to, but in future if it doesnt stop and they dont read the training thread and improve I will name names with examples. I am so sick and tired of it, it is bad enough trying to deal with spammers, they have increased ENORMOUSLY. But we do not have time to mod and help the new members with icons etc. because of all this.

    Today I found one that had 1 of his spammers threads moved into garbage and his OTHER 342 spam threads that he had been happily posting for MONTHS left out there in the main forum and he wasn't even BANNED

    This is soooooooooooooooo DAMN crazy.

    Here is one example of a thread by another op that was moved into recycle bin, not closed and the guy NOT BANNED.

    I have corrected that one also.

    To be honest I dont think anybody cares anymore, except the few remaining good mods that keep trying to keep this site clean and appeal over and over again for help improve the site and BAN the same IPs to stop the same offenders reregistering again and again and again
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