Pluralsight - Introduction to Revit Architecture (2016)

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    Pluralsight - Introduction to Revit Architecture (2016)
    Size: 808MB | Duration: 3h 51m | Video: AVC (.mp4) 1024x576 15fps | Audio: AAC 44.1KHz 2ch
    Genre: eLearning | Level: Beginner | Language: English

    In this set of tutorials, we'll learn how to get up and running in Revit Architecture 2016. If you're new to the world of Building Information Modeling, this course is for you!

    We'll begin the course with a brief explanation of Building Information Modeling and how we can use Revit Architecture as a tool for this new way of working. From there, we'll start a small design project together. We'll begin by exploring a few of Revit's conceptual massing tools and how we can use them to quickly derive a form for our building. Next, we'll begin exploring the various ways we can model building elements such as walls, floors, roofs, and windows, just to name a few. Once our model is in place, we'll explore how to create various views such as floor plans, elevations, site plans, and other views, all created from one 3D model. Last but not least, we'll take a quick look at how we can place and edit various views on a title block to create a sheet for presentations and even construction documents. Let's get started! Software required: Revit 2016.




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