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    Portrait Professional 9 is portrait airbrushing software that has actually been trained in human appearance, using thousands of example photographs. The software therefore has a built in ‘knowledge base’ of human beauty, which makes it far faster and easier to use than conventional airbrushing software

    Portrait Professional 9 includes unique new applied patent ‘ClearSkin®’ skin texturing technology that adds greatly to the realism of the skin after enhancement. It enables ‘blown’ or burnt out highlights on the skin to be successfully retrieved and realistically re-textured in seconds. To the best of our knowledge, this innovative feature is unique and puts clear blue water between Portrait Professional and other skin enhancing packages. For the first time, the ClearSkin® technology enables anybody to achieve ultra realistic skin enhancing effects literally in seconds.
    * New, enhanced, ‘intelligent’ touch-up brush
    The new skin touch-up brush in version 9 requires no precision or skills on the user’s part. It automatically finds any skin defect under the brush and replaces it with natural skin texture using the ClearSkin® technology. The result is a realistic natural touch-up with absolute minimum effort or skill on the users’ part.
    * Full multi-processor support for a major speed increase
    Portrait Professional 9 is both faster on single processor machines and now supports multi-threading resulting in major performance boost for users with multi-core or multi-processor machines.
    * Supports profile shots
    In response to many user requests, Portrait Professional 9 now handles profile shots as well as full face enabling face shape enhancing on any face orientation.
    * Improved teeth and eye enhancements
    The eye and teeth enhancement has been significantly improved giving a more uniform and realistic whiteness and improved eye re-coloring controls. In addition, the eye pupil can be automatically widened. Catch lights in the eyes can now be added, removed, reshaped or enhanced.
    * New face, picture and hair vibrance controls
    The control sliders allow the vibrancy of face color to be increased without causing neutral areas to get unwanted color casts. The net result is more vibrant natural looking portraits.
    * New Skin Smoothing or ‘Blotchiness’ control
    The skin smoothing control is a great time saver as it evens any blotchiness or large defects on the skin simply by moving a slider.
    * New User Interface
    The interface has been significantly upgraded in version 9 to make it more users’ friendly and a lot easier to use with the brush tool now conveniently located for instant access.

    New features of Portrait Professional Studio 9
    Portrait Professional Studio contains all the features of Portrait Professional plus:

    * New Stand-alone and Adobe PhotoShop® plug-in version
    Version 9 Studio works both as stand-alone and as a Photoshop® plug-in for both PC and Mac. This version has been developed to meet enthusiasts and professional photographers’ demands for PhotoShop® plug-in compatibility in order to enhance their workflow.
    * Enhanced color profiles and extended RAW file support
    Portrait Professional 9 Studio enables direct access to camera RAW files applications and allows absolute color calibration control of images that high end enthusiast and professional users require. In addition, RAW support has been applied as a plug-in so as new cameras and formats come onto the market support can be instantly added.
    * New batch mode to speed throughput and workflow
    This version 9 also has a batch mode incorporated to enable photographers to enhance lots of images and speed through the work faster and more efficiently than was hitherto possible.

    System requirements:

    * Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows XP or Windows Vista
    * 1Ghz CPU or better
    * Min 512MB RAM XP, 1GB RAM Vista


    * OSX 10.4 or later
    * Intel CPU 1Ghz or better
    * 512MB RAM or more

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    Many thanks for the post. Does the activation key work with this version??
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    I can't get the crack to work, the app/vendor recognises it's been used already.

    Can someone upload a copy of the cracked .exe file please?

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    Downloading now... Thanks a lot!!!
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    The activation key doesn't work!!! :mda:
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    The token activation has been used already.
    Anybody have an alternative?
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    The activation key doesn't work!!!
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    He he, thought it was too good to be true. Oh well, back to the old version........
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