Postel (1998)

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    Rating: 6.0/10 27 votes
    Runtime: 90
    Language: Czech (English softsubs)
    Country: Czech Republic/Germany
    Color: b/w

    Description: "There is a wrong opinion - we live in the world being just people... That's not true. At least we live in two worlds - world of men, world of women, moreover we are not just the people, we are just men and we are just women. still men exist? Main character of the movie - Lubos Urna, 40 years old, dies in the beginning of the movie, when we are meeting him. The reason of his death and the situation that leads to that is both grotesque and banal. Let's say his Lubos' end is similar to the majority of events in his life...since his childhood to his 40s. Who actually is Lubos Urna? (notice - Urna means funeral urn in English lang.) It can be said - with a little bit of exaggeration that he represents typical male in the end of 20th century. One can say that Lubos represents an exemplar or prototype of the male for the next millenium. In other words, Lubos - not guilty for deterioration of men - is the representative of men influenced, swallowed up, subdued by women.

    Lubos belongs to the average. He is a teacher, has a family, two kids. Not only that - he is gifted by sensitivity, imagination, fantasy. He lives mostly in the world of women.

    Woman gave him birth, he is growing up among women, getting older among women, he married a woman with her he's got two children - two women, of course. He works among/with women and finally he dies among woman... There were a few men in Lubos' life, but compared to women they were as a shadows, just big mouths, empty gestures, inconsiderable acts." (oficial text of distributor, my poor translation, hope you will be tolerant/broadminded, thanks)

    On of the most original movies after since Czech New Wave...reminding it a lot in my opinion. Big surprise in Czech postrevolutional cinema.

    Rar Password: None
    En subs:
  2. Love Czech cinema. THX a lot for this one.


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