Pre-Activated Adobe CS5.5 Master Suite!

Discussion in 'Applications' started by BetterRhyme, Mar 29, 2012.

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    Pre-Activated Adobe CS5.5 Master Suite! | 4.99 GB

    This awesome and amazing software is brought to you by the guy who created the original cs5.5 activator!!! ^_^ he finally got off of his lazy butt and released a second version!! only...this version is PRE-ACTIVATED!!!

    Instructions (read carefully as this is extremely complicated)

    1 - Download
    2 - Extract using 7zip, winrar, or w/e your favorite extractor may be.
    3 - Run the "Set-up.exe"
    4 - Install AS TRIAL
    5 - wait for it to complete
    6 - Open something (like photoshop)
    7- comment on how amazing your experience was!!
    8 - BE HAPPY !!! ^_^

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