NitroFlare Predictive Analytics using Rattle and Qlik Sense by Ferran Garcia Pagans

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    Predictive Analytics using Rattle and Qlik Sense by Ferran Garcia Pagans
    English | 22 Jun. 2015 | ISBN: 1784395803 | 242 Pages | EPUB/MOBI/PDF (True) | 44.83 MB​

    If you are a business analyst who wants to understand how to improve your data analysis and how to apply predictive analytics, then this book is ideal for you. This book assumes you have some basic knowledge of statistics and a spreadsheet editor such as Excel, but knowledge of QlikView is not required.

    Create comprehensive solutions for predictive analysis using Rattle and share them with Qlik Sense

    About This Book

    Create visualizations, dashboards, and data applications with Qlik Sense and Rattle
    Load, explore, and manipulate data to Rattle to create predictions and discover hidden patterns in the data
    A step-by-step guide to learning predictive analytics in a quick and easy way

    What You Will Learn

    Set up your desktop environment by installing Qlik Sense Desktop, R, and Rattle
    Explore Rattle charts and the most commonly used multivariate statistical techniques to discover relationships among data
    Find solutions to business questions by applying data analysis techniques
    Use unsupervised and supervised learning methods to gain insights into your data
    Evaluate the performance of a predictive model
    Create basic charts and filters using Qlik Sense Desktop to build your first data application
    Improve your analysis by complementing Qlik Sense Desktop with predictive analytics
    Familiarize yourself with the basics of data visualization and data storytelling
    In Detail

    Qlik Sense Desktop, the personal and free version of Qlik Sense, is a powerful tool for business analysts to analyze data and create useful data applications. Rattle, developed in R, is a GUI used for data mining and complements Qlik Sense Desktop very well. By combining Rattle and Qlik Sense Desktop, a business user can learn how to apply predictive analytics to create real-world data applications. The objective is to use Qlik Sense to analyze data and complement it with predictive analytics using Rattle.

    This book will introduce you to basic predictive analysis techniques using Rattle and basic data visualizations concepts using Qlik Sense Desktop. You will start by setting up Qlik Sense Desktop, R, and Rattle and learn the basic of these tools. Then this book will examine the data and make it ready to be analyzed. After that, you will get to know the key concepts of predictive analytics, by building simple models with Rattle and creating visualizations with Qlik Sense Desktop. Finally, the book will show you the basics of data visualization and will help you to create your first data application and dashboard.

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