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    Comedy | Drama | Family | UK | English | Colour | approx. 26min x 12 episodes
    Julia Sawalha	.... 	Lynda Day
    Dexter Fletcher	.... 	Spike Thomson
    Paul Reynolds	.... 	Colin Mathews
    Mmoloki Chrystie	.... 	Frazz Davis 
    Kelda Holmes	.... 	Sarah Jackson
    Joanna Dukes	.... 	Toni 'Tiddler' Tildesley
    Lee Ross	.... 	Kenny Phillips
    Lucy Benjamin	.... 	Julie Craig 
    Clive Wood	.... 	Matt Kerr
    Andy Crowe	.... 	Billy Homer
    Nick Stringer	.... 	Mr. Sullivan
    Angela Bruce	 .... 	Chrissie Stuart
    Charlie Creed-Miles	.... 	Danny McColl
    Season one of the brilliant UK made children's programme which follows the lives of the teenagers who run the Junior Gazette, a newspaper for the kids, written by the kids, under the iron-fist of its Editor Linda Day (Julia Sawalha).
    It ran for five seasons from 1989 to 1993 and is generally considered to be one of the finest childrens programs ever made.
    For the first two series the show followed them as they tackled various serious subjects - including solvent sniffing, suicide and sexual abuse - and their various conflicts with the community, their school and their parent paper. 
    The last three series saw the paper operating as a serious commercial paper - as the students had now moved on from school into their burgeoning 'adult' lives..
    Unusually for a television series, it was shot on film - which, while expensive, gave the show a classy feel. 
    It was written by Steven Moffatt - an ex-school teacher - who would go on to write the acclaimed UK sitcom Coupling and Hugo-award winning episodes of the new Doctor Who series. 
    What makes 'Press Gang' so special is Moffatt's clever, witty and on-the-pulse writing... every episode is chock-full of memorable dialogue and moments, and not without thematic merit either.
    Episode List:
    01. Page One
    02. Photo Finish
    03. One Easy Lesson
    04. Deadline
    05. A Night In
    06. Interface
    07. How To Make A Killing
    08. How To Make A Killing - Part Two
    09. Both Sides Of The Paper
    10. Money, Love And Birdseed
    11. Monday - Tuesday
    12. Shouldn't I Be Taller? 

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    Audio: MP3 48000Hz stereo 128Kbps [English]
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