Princess (1969)

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    ating: 5.8/10
    Runtime: 87
    Language: Dutch (English .srt subs included)
    Country: Holland
    Color: Black & white

    Description: "Princess" is a graphical piece of candy, a playful delirium, perfectly mastered technically, in glorification of the poetic and sexy image rhetoric of the '60s, and is also a parody of such film genres as the James Bond series. The story is simple: a freelance photographer wants to make a picture novel with his sweetheart as a heroine. The success of this novel, which exploits every possible cliché of sex and violence, jeopardizes their relationship: the actress feels exploited herself.

    The only feature film by Herman Wuyts was badly received upon release because the film balances on an unclear boundary of a tribute to and criticism of the genre. This failure abruptly ended the filming ambitions of the director. We can only regret this, because once one accepts that the lightness determines the form and content, "Princess" keeps surprising by its wittiness. By distancing itself from introspection and a degree of reality, by going beyond the point where Antonioni stopped with the development of "Blow Up", "Princess" is an amusement that is shored up by the staging of desire, like in erotic cinema, but where, as opposed to erotic cinema, the object of desire isn't nudity – while surely present in the film – but the photographic image and its power of seduction itself.

    File size: 848Mb | Dimensions: 662 x 372
    Video: 1164kbps XviD | Audio: 192kb/s mp3

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