Private Buckaroo (1942)

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    Dvd Rip English

    Genre:Comedy / Musical / War / Romance more

    Tagline:YEAH MAN... Even The Jeeps Are Jivin'!

    This is an entertaining view of the difficulties involved in putting on shows for our many soldiers in times of war. This 1940's musical is chock full of talent, including the most popular singing trio of the war years, The Andrews Sisters. "They took a little Rhumba Rhythm and they added Boogie-Woogie and now look what they've got.". You will enjoy listening to these top rhythms."Don't Sit Under The Apple Tree," "Three Little Sisters," "That's the Moon My Son," "Johnny Get Your Gun" and many more.


    Maxene Andrews ... Herself, Maxene Andrews (as The Andrews Sisters)
    Patty Andrews ... Herself, Patty Andrews (as The Andrews Sisters)
    Laverne Andrews ... Herself, Laverne Andrews (as The Andrews Sisters)
    Dick Foran ... Lon Prentice
    Joe E. Lewis ... Lancelot Pringle McBiff
    Ernest Truex ... Col. Elias Weatherford
    Jennifer Holt ... Joyce Mason
    Shemp Howard ... Sgt. 'Muggsy' Shavel
    Harry James ... Himself (as Harry James and His Music Makers)
    Richard Davies ... Lt. Howard Mason
    Mary Wickes ... Bonnie-Belle Schlopkiss
    Donald O'Connor ... Donny
    Peggy Ryan ... Peggy
    Huntz Hall ... Cpl. Anemic
    Susan Levine ... Tagalong
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