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    Pro Photoshop Tutorial: Glamour Portrait Retouching
    English | 2h 19m | AVC1 1280x720 15 fps | AAC 160 Kbps 44.1 KHz | 306 MB
    Genre: eLearning | Level: Advanced

    FREE Custom Brush Included: This brush was made SPECIFICALLY for this type of retouching. We cover exactly how to use it, and why it is going to make professional retouching so much easier. Learn how to analyze a face in order to determine how to retouch.
    * FREE Custom Brush
    * Dodging & Burning
    * Coloring Skin
    * Advanced Sharpening
    * 5 Retouch Methods
    * Adding Realistic Makeup
    PRO Photoshop Tutorial
    Glamour Portrait Retouching is completely different than normal retouching. There is much less of a focus on the individual pore, and more on the image as a whole. Working with highlights and shadows, you will be able to sculpt a person's face in a way that will look lighting look more dramatic, and a face more interesting.
    In this PRO Photoshop Tutorial, you will learn how light falls on a face, and 5 different methods of enhancing that. We even introduce a fool-proof method, that will keep you from destroying the shape of a person's face, while still allowing you to sculpt.
    Photo Shoot
    A very special thank you to a great team of people who helped make this shot possible. Kim, Amber, Scot, Syed, & Zach. Everyone in the Phamily came together for a really great time, and a great learning experience.
    We tried a few different ideas, and wound up grabbing my house plant and covering Amber with it. We also had a fan blowing on her to give her hair some movement, and somewhere between all of that and her contacts, her eyes started watering up.
    No one could really see that she was crying, and she didn't say anything, because she was being so professional as a model. I only noticed her tear when going through the images afterwords. Something like that, had to be paid attention to. Beauty and Sadness.
    Enhancing Details
    The point of good retouching is not to eliminate all the details of a person's face, it is to ENHANCE them. If there are details you don't want to be as visible, we cover how to take attention AWAY from them. For instance, you don't want to remove all the pores on a person's face, that would make them look less human. As you can see here, even in a very detailed area like the eye, you can ENHANCE the overall impression, while keeping the small details. You will even learn how to add detail in a person's IRIS, if there was none in the original photo.
    Coloring The Face
    Have you ever wanted to add more color to lips, but they came out looking really fake? You are not alone, this can be very hard to do. In fact, I have only come across ONE METHOD (That I came up with BTW) That does this well. What happens when most people want to add more color to a specific area, is that they wind up accidentally destroying the natural color variations that exist. You never have to worry about that again.
    Coloring Appropriately
    Using the information included in an image, you can go with many coloring options. You can make greens MORE YELLOW, or MORE BLUE. You can add RED to the shadows, and YELLOW to the highlights. You can DESATURATE the shadows, while leaving the highlights vibrant. The problem comes in when you need to know not only HOW, but WHAT and WHY. A slight change in hue or saturation can make or break a photo. Have you ever looked at a photo, and thought, HOW did they get those colors? Often times it is a difference of less than 10% in either direction that will make or break an image.
    Even The Ears
    It is not usually ONE thing that you do to a portrait that will make it stand out from the rest, but a combination of little things. Here we show a detail in the ear. We cover how to enhance even these areas of the face, and why that is important.

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