Psycho a Go-Go (1965)

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    Rating: User Rating:2.1/10 130 votes
    Runtime: 85 min
    Language: English
    Country: USA
    Color: Color
    IMDb Link:
    Director: Al Adamson
    Roy Morton ... Joe Corey
    Tacey Robbins ... Linda Clarke
    Nadine Arlyn
    John Armond ... Nicky
    Joey Benson ... Lt. Ward
    Johnnie Decker
    Kirk Duncan ... David Clarke
    Gordon Edwards
    Lyle Felice ... Vito
    Carol Gilbert
    Dorothy Holland
    Roy Lindberg
    John Mantooth
    Tanya Maree ... Vicky
    Bernard Paul
    Richard Russell Ramos (as Richard Ramos)
    Larry Reed
    Shary Richards ... Mrs. Ward
    K.K. Riddle ... Nancy Clarke
    Dave Russell
    John Talbert ... Curtis
    Maria Tallafuss

    Description: Al Adamson, director of such Troma classics as Dracula Vs. Frankenstein, Satan's Sadists and I Spit On Your Corpse! delivers another terrifyingly violent drive-in slasher classic. The 1965 film Psycho-A-Go-Go was on the shelf in the early 1970s and had only seen a few drive-in play dates, when Adamson and partner Sam Sherman decided to use some of the footage from that movie in a new horror film, Blood of Ghastly Horror, which now added stars John Carradine, Kent Taylor, Regina Carrol and Tommy Kirk. While many movie fans have seen Blood of Ghastly Horror, the original full-length film which started that production has been unavailable since the late 1960s.

    For this special video restoration, Sam Sherman has taken the only available film elements and pieced them back together, so the complete Psycho-A-Go-Go can be seen again. It is the first movie Al Adamson directed, and many of his fans have requested it be made available.

    The story follows psycho killer Roy Morton as he seeks innocent victims that he believes possess stolen jewelry he thinks is his. Anybody getting in his way gets cruelly murdered. Filmed in gorrific Chill-O-Rama by Oscar-winning cinematographer Vilmos Zsigmond (whose credits include The Deer Hunter and Close Encounters of the Third Kind), Psycho-A-Go-Go is a blood curdling, booty shaking experience.

    Adding to this double feature presentation is the 1935 horror western The Rawhide Terror, co-written and produced by Al Adamson's father Victor. Originally devised as a ten chapter serial, the film was re-shot and re-configured as a feature film. This is a rare opportunity to view a truly lost movie.

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