NitroFlare PTFB Pro.

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    PTFB Pro | 8.7 Mb

    PTFB Pro is capable of doing much more than simply "Pushing the Freakin' Button". It is a powerful, fully featured macro recorder and auto clicker with a whole host of features that will ensure that it can carry out the most complex of tasks on your behalf.

    PTFB Pro is extremely flexible and can be used to solve a wide variety of problems. For example:
    Automate Repetitive Tasks
    Automatically respond to prompts and info requests
    Keep vital programs running 24/7
    Restart Programs (periodically, or when hung or not responding)
    Prevent programs from running at specified times
    Restore preferences every time a program runs
    Restore a window's state every time it opens
    Automated software testing
    Software automation
    Restart programs if they're hogging too much processing power.



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