Quality Management - Theory and Application

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    Quality Management - Theory and Application
    English | 2009-12-17 | ISBN: 1439813809 | 154 pages | PDF | 3.1 mb

    In the past, when goods and services were simpler, measurement of quality was self-evident. As business became more complicated, so too did the implementation of quality management and our ability to measure it. Ultimately, the practice of quality strayed from being a business practice to become much more of an engineering discipline producing plenty of data, but little actual improvement.
    In Quality Management: Theory and Application, highly respected quality management specialist Peter Mauch shows you how to set up a Quality Management System (QMS) that will stay aligned with your business goals. Using examples from actual situations that can be readily applied in any industrial situation, these pages will show you how to:
    - Plan for quality by setting objectives and metrics, and creating effective flexible blueprints, and procedures
    - Get staff involved by understanding how to motivate and train them


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