Quartet (1981)

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    Rating: 6.4/10
    Runtime: 101
    Language: English
    Country: UK | France
    Color: Color
    IMDb Link:

    Alan Bates ... H.J. Heidler
    Maggie Smith ... Lois Heidler
    Isabelle Adjani ... Marya Zelli
    Anthony Higgins ... Stephan Zelli
    Pierre Clémenti ... Théo the Pornographer
    Suzanne Flon ... Mme. Hautchamp
    Daniel Mesguich ... Pierre Schlamovitz
    Sheila Gish ... Anna
    Armelia McQueen ... Night Club Singer
    Wiley Wood ... Cairn
    Virginie Thévenet ... Madmoiselle Chardin
    Daniel Chatto ... Guy
    Bernice Stegers ... Miss Nicholson
    Paulita Sedgwick ... Esther
    Sébastien Floche ... Edouard Hautchamp

    Description: Paris, 1927, when the city was the centre of attraction for artists, writers and bohemians, all drawn to and contributing to an atmosphere of heady indulgence and barely contained decadence in the jazz night-clubs and seedy café’s of Montparnasse. Also draw to the most exciting and vibrant of European cities are Polish immigrant, Stefan Zelli (Anthony Higgins) and his wife Marya (Isabelle Adjani), but when Stefan is arrested and imprisoned for dealing with stolen artifacts, Marya finds herself alone and at the mercy of a society with rules and behaviour very different from normal. She relies on the kindness of an English couple, the Heidler’s, who allow her to lodge at her apartment while Lois (Maggie Smith) uses her as a model for her painting, but there is more to the arrangement than meets the eye. HJ (Alan Bates) is in love with this little-girl-lost, a situation that his wife Lois is already well familiar with, tolerating his infidelity as long as appearances are preserved.

    It’s not so much a love triangle as a love quartet – Marya continues to visit Stefan in prison and knows that the situation must come to a head when he is released. The Heidler’s relationship thrives on the emotional turmoil of the situation, adding a spark of adventure to the otherwise tedious hedonism of endless clubbing. The whole situation however is built on a web of lies, excuses and self-deceit – a neurosis of keeping up the appearance of respectability and giving in to the secret passions that rage inside. Perfect Merchant Ivory material in other words and material that they are more than capable of putting across effectively on the screen, particularly with a stellar cast like this.

    The story is based on an autobiographical novel by Jean Rhys of her experiences in Paris as the mistress of the writer Ford Madox Ford. Cinematographer Pierre L’homme marvellously captures the vibrant atmosphere of 1920’s Paris with superb colour schemes and lighting, capturing the seedy hotels of Montparnasse and the smoky jazz café’s of the Latin Quarter. Adjani has rarely performed better (winning Best Actress in Cannes for her role here) and Bates and Smith are solid in portraying difficult, unsympathetic and complex characters. James Ivory even received a Golden Palm nomination at Cannes for his direction here.

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    Are there any subtitles available for this rip? A LOT of it is in French, and all I've been able to find are the subtitles for a 2-cd version.

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