NitroFlare Quickbooks POS.v11 (2013) Multi-store WIN PC

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    Quickbooks POS v11 (2013) Multi-store WIN PC | 159.2 MB

    QuickBooks Point of Sale 2013 gives you detailed sales and inventory reports that let you know what is selling and what is not. You can also keep track of your customers' shopping history so you can delight them with personalized service and rewards.

    Point of Sale now includes a mobile feature that lets you accept credit and debit cards on your mobile phone or tablet-all mobile sales and inventory information syncs with your software keeping your records accurate and up-to-date.

    And, Point of Sale is designed to be easy to set up so most retailers can start using the software the same day.

    Reports on sales, inventory, and customers . one-click access to data and information so you know where you are making money and where you're not

    Real-time inventory tracking

    Track and use customer information to provide better service

    Accept credit cards on your mobile phone or tablet

    Integrates with QuickBooks Financial software

    Detailed Sales & Inventory reports


    Detailed sales and inventory reports let's you know what is selling and what is not.

    Instant reports can show you top selling products, best customers and sales data for any time period you choose.

    Save inventory tracking time. No manual tracking-your inventory is updated with every sale, order, and return.

    Point of Sale is designed to be easy

    The customer center helps you keep track of your customers and their shopping habits.

    Automatically track and reward your best customers

    Easily access key customer information, like birthdays or last item purchased

    Quickly let your customers know whether or not an item is in stock

    Keep customers coming back with loyalty programs, gift cards, and personalized email reminders, updates, and specials

    Automatically generate letters and customer mailing labels

    Target top customers for an event or promotion

    Accept Credit Cards on your Mobile Device

    Accept credit cards on your mobile device. All sales and inventory information instantly syncs with your POS software so your records are always accurate and up-to-date.

    Accept payments, and track inventory on your mobile device (smart phone or tablet).

    Information instantly syncs with your POS SW so you can stay on top of your your business no matter where you make your next sale

    And if you are a QuickBooks user, all your information automatically syncs with your QB financial software.

    Transfer data to QuickBooks Accounting software2 with a click. You won't have to worry about data entry errors from retyping data and will be better prepared at tax time.

    Point of Sale is designed to be easy to set up so most retailers can start using the Point of Sale the same day.

    Use the simple Setup Interview to get started quickly and easily.

    If you already have lists of customers, items or vendors, you can quickly import them from QuickBooks Accounting software3 or Microsoft Excel 5 to help save time on manual data entry.

    You'll also find in-product video tutorials to guide you through the most important daily tasks.

    Save time and money accepting credit cards

    Start accepting payments instantly. Simply activate your payments account and you are ready to go



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