NitroFlare QuickTime VR Authoring Environment.2.0 for MAC

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    QuickTime VR Authoring Environment 2.0 for MAC | 239.70 MB

    In 1997 Apple released the second version of it's less-than-classic authoring environment for the stitching of images and compiling of QTVR files. Available for about $150 or less the kit consisted of a paperback manual and the software itself, several QTVR examples and a PDF copy of the manual on a CD. All you had to do was supply the photographs in digital form, be it from scanned film or prints...or a lousy quality 90's digital camera such as Apple's QuickTake.

    This torrent contains a copy of the CD imaged using the conventional Unix dd command, a high resolution scan of the CD, a thumbnail of the official QTVR logo and a note about an otherwise useless key that was found with the CD in the back of the print manual.

    This software was released in the era of system 7.6 and 8.1 and while it is supported by both 68K and PowerPC machines, the utilities included have been shown to not work properly under Mac OS 9 or OS X's Classic environment.

    While this software will handle conventional JPEG images it is not known how well it will handle how modern digital cameras generate high resolution images that are four or more megapixels in resolution. Unless you are running a particularly beefy machine you may either run out of memory or the application will simply crash. Experimentation of image resolution and formats not listed in the documentation is highly recommended by me. ;)



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