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    Ramit Sethi - Success Triggers
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    Welcome to Success Triggers: 30 Mental Frameworks for Silencing Your Inner Critic, Maximizing Your Strengths, and Creating the Success You Deserve! By taking the time to invest in yourself,

    you've already set yourself apart from the vast majority of other people. We're going to talk about success at a deep level, digging into powerful principles that top performers use to master virtually every aspect of their lives. This is going to be awesome.

    Here's how it'll work.
    Over the course of the next month, you'??ll receive 30 videos (about 1 per day with a one day "review break" between each module). These are short videos, but the concepts in them are incredibly powerful. Think about it like this: Applying even ONE of these principles could change your life forever. What about 5? 10?

    Some may be more applicable than others at this point in your life and career. That's fine. I'??ve culled from a huge list of Success Triggers to give you my most powerful, potent frameworks. Now you can do the same thing, as you pick and choose from what applies to you best.

    30 new concepts is a lot, so I organized them into weekly themes:
    Week 1: Your Psychology
    Week 2: Your Career
    Week 3: Your Systems
    Week 4: Your Rich Life
    Week 5: Your Roadmap

    Week 1 is all about Your Psychology. If you've been following my material, then you know that psychology is at the root of everything we do - our careers, finances, relationships, social lives, and even our health. Once you learn to see your psychology as something you can actually control, youâ??ll be able to unlock huge wins in your life.

    Okay, let's get started with the first video! This one is on Brutal Honesty: Why Self-Awareness Is the Foundation of Change. If you truly want to trigger a change in your behavior -- whether that means eating better, becoming more social, or improving your career - you first need to learn to be brutally honest with yourself.

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