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    A hybrid of the post-nuke action and gross-out gore film, this passably entertaining venture from splatter-maven Bruno Mattei (directing here as "Vincent Dawn"), aided by Claudio Fragasso (as "Clyde Anderson"), features killer rats attacking bikers in an apocalyptic wasteland. A nuclear bomb made the surface world unlivable, so most of humankind lived underground for many years. This drove rats to the surface, where they became super-intelligent flesh-hungry mutants. After about a hundred years, a group calling themselves the "new primitives" returned to the surface to try and revitalize society. The action picks up in 225 A.B. (that's After the Bomb), when a motley group of cycle-riding toughs led by flamethrower-toting stud Kurt (Richard Raymond) and his girlfriend, Diana (Cindy Leadbetter), bed down at an abandoned research lab for the night. They see lab equipment and a bunch of mangled corpses being gnawed on by vermin, but don't know what to make of it. Says one: "Computers and corpses make a bad mixture." After the usual nighttime sexual hijinks, the rats come out to play.


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    Ottaviano Dell'Acqua ... Kurt (as Richard Raymond)
    Geretta Geretta ... Chocolate (as Janna Ryann)
    Massimo Vanni ... Taurus (as Alex McBride)
    Richard Cross ... Video
    Ann-Gisel Glass ... Myrna



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