NitroFlare Readiris Pro 15.0.0 Build 222 Multilingual (Mac OS X)

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    Readiris Pro 15.0.0 Build 222 Multilingual (Mac OS X) | 264.9 MB
    Readiris 15 for Mac, OCR software! Convert paper, images or PDF files to editable digital text. Automatically recreate document layouts. Compatible with popular text editors for Mac OS. Compatible with Mac OS X 10.7 and above, including OSX El Capitan.

    It retypes text for you!
    Readiris™ 15 for Mac is an OCR software for Mac OS built to convert your scans, images, pictures and PDF files to fully editable digital documents compatible with the most popular text editors available on Mac OS.

    Input formats: JPG, GIF, PSD, PNG, TIFF, BMP, PDF, Scanned images (Image Capture) (TWAIN)
    Output formats: PDF, DOCX, XLSX, ODT, ePub, Audio, RTF, HTML, TXT, TIFF, JPEG, PNG

    It recreates document layouts
    Readiris™ 15 for Mac not only extracts text from paper documents, images or PDF files, but also recreates their layout. Based on powerful page analysis technology, Readiris™ 15 for Mac detects the different elements of the original files (image, text, tables, fonts, paragraphs, etc.) and recreates them in the output format of your choice.

    Edit your documents on your Mac using the software you love!
    Readiris™ 15 for Mac OS is compatible with any text editor available on your Mac. Simply select the output format and the destination of your file and Readiris™ 15 will handle the conversion. Once converted, your documents will be ready to be edited or archived in the application of your choice!

    Easily back-up your documents in the Cloud
    Readiris™ 15 for Mac, OCR software features a large set of Cloud connectors that will export your documents to the Cloud during the conversion process. No matter where you are, your documents will always be safely backed-up and easy to access!

    A complete PDF toolbox
    Within PDF files, Readiris™ 15 for Mac allows you to create, add, merge, delete, edit, rotate, compress, sign or straighten pages. It will also let you convert PDF documents to editable Word, Excel or even searchable PDF files in order to help you edit and manage information.

    Also made to meet corporate needs
    Readiris™ Corporate 15 for Mac is the business version of Readiris™ 15 for Mac. It was made to help small businesses and larger companies process information contained in paper or digital documents in order to share it within your corporate network. This powerful OCR software for Mac was also made to process, sort, compress and index large batches of documents at high speed using professional scanning solutions such as high-end scanners (Image Capture) (TWAIN) or multifunction peripherals (MFPs).

    Compatible with more than 130 languages
    The OCR software (Readiris 15 for Mac) is simply th best multi-lingual OCR software for Mac on the market. It recognizes more than 130 languages including Asian languages and hebrew!.

    What's new with Readiris 15 for Mac?
    - New OCR engine for higher speed and accuracy
    - New interface - Readiris™ 15 has never been easier to use!
    - New advanced PDF settings
    - Convert your documents to audio files (AIFF format)
    - Convert your documents to eBook format
    - New Cloud connectors (Box, OneDrive & SharePoint*)
    - New multithread acceleration for higher speed
    - New Asian character recognition
    - New advanced recognition settings

    - Mac OS X 10.7 and above, including OSX El Capitan

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