Real Desktop Standard 1.73 ML

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    Real Desktop Standard 1.73 ML | 8.4 MB

    Real Desktopgives your ordinary desktop new life and turns it into a Real Desktop. Enjoy the fascinating dynamics with revolutionary graphic rendition on your desktop. Get any designs from our website or create your own personal style.

    Features Real Desktop:
    � Automatically deploy icons in the normal position
    � Change the size of icons
    � Dynamically emerging names and file names
    � Hide and show the file names
    � Display icon in the right
    � Move halyards straight into the folder
    � Save position icons
    � Drag & Drop
    � Support for multiple monitors
    � Three-dimensional sound
    � Support for anti-aliasing (Antialiasing)
    � Reflections on the surfaces
    � Several types of baskets
    � Different themes
    � Select any image to display the picture on the wall
    � Different backgrounds and styles to icons
    � Different Pictures on the wall
    � Advanced lighting settings


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