Real Fiction (2000)

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    Real Fiction (2000)
    Shilje sanghwang

    Genre: Crime / Drama

    Ju Jin-mo is a quiet* unasuming man who ekes out a living as a street vendor who paints portraits. His gentle manner and quiet ways have seen him the target of bullies throughout his adult life. Constantly harassed by gang members who “tax” his pitch and subject to rude customers who treat him as less than nothing* his life is made a misery. An encounter with a strange video camera wielding girl and an incident with yet another rude customer sets in motion a chain of events that will see the cowardly Ju snap and spend a day hunting down the people he see’s as responsible for his current misery. Meanwhile* the mysterious girl is in the shadows making a video document of the events …

    Country: South Korea
    Subtitle: English (srt)


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