Really Big Sky (2011/ENG/SteamRip by RG Gamers)

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    Really Big Sky (2011/ENG/SteamRip by RG Gamers)
    2011 | PC | EnglisH | Developer : Boss Baddie | Publisher : Boss Baddie | 224MB
    Genre : Arcade (Shootem up).

    Dizzying adventure in one end a space shooter with a procedurallygenerated levels, an expanded sequel to the Big Sky.In addition to allthe charms of the previous game here includes 7 modes, new enemies andbosses, the possibility of a cooperative game (up to 4 people), 20achievements, recycled graphic effects, enhanced statistics, and muchmore.

    Full support for the Xbox 360 controller;
    Fast adaptive and addictive gameplay;
    The Complete Guide;
    Online leader boards;
    12 modes of play;
    Giant dynamic bosses and 17 types of enemies.

    Versions of content
    Really Big Sky (from 04/06/12)
    really big sky.ncf v21
    Version 4.04
    SteamRip is completely identical to the activated through Steam, updated tothe latest version of licensed copies of games from Boss Baddie. Thegame is packed with the original structure and ncf files.

    Installation and Startup
    Really Big Sky
    Unzip the game using Really.Big.Sky.EN RGIgromany.exe
    Start the game with a Really Big Sky.exe (... common RBS ) or from a shortcut on the slave. table

    System requirements:
    Operating System : XP / Vista / 7;
    Processor : Core 2 Duo 2 GHz;
    Memory : 512 MB;
    Video card : compatible with DirectX 9.0c;
    Free space on hard drive : 300 MB;
    Sound Card : Sound Card compatible with DirectX 9.0c


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