Reason refill EZ Rollers Drum'n'Bass Producer Pack

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    Reason refill EZ Rollers DrumnBass Producer Pack | 1.51 GB

    EZROLLERS DRUM & BASS PRODUCER PACK Multi-Format (ACIDized WAV,Reason Refill, EXS24, HALion, KONTAKT instruments and REX2 Files)
    Whenit comes to DrumnBass The EZ Rollers need no introduction. One of theUKs premiere DnB production teams has finally made a sample library,and it rocks ...
    This is the most happening selection of Drum &Bass samples on the planet from one of the worlds best Drum & Bassproduction teams. A killer collection of the freshest beats, basses,pads, synths, fx, vocals and general weirdness. All in multi-formatincluding ACIDized WAVs, Reason Refill, REX files, EXS24, HALion, andKONTAKT instruments. Drop this bomb in your tunes and watch it blastyour productions into hyperspace. These sounds have enough energy tomake even the hardest productions sound even heavier with basses sorough you will start wondering about the reliability of your speakers.This is hardcore Drum & Bass at its finest. Rough, gritty, hard andheavy.

    Featured Formats:
    200 REX2 files
    ACIDized WAV files
    Reason Refill
    350 EXS24 instruments
    350 HALion instruments
    350 Kontakt instruments
    350 NN-XT instruments.
    Featured Sounds:
    Percussion Loops
    Drum Hits
    Vox FX and more ...
    Thismulti-format sample collection gives you the ultimate in sampler andsoftware compatibility: Acid-ready WAV files, Emagic EXS24 samplerinstruments, HALion sampler instruments, Kontakt sampler instruments,Reason Refill and REX2 Recycled files!
    About the EZ ROLLERS:
    AlexBanks and Jay Hurren go way back. From distinctly different startingpoints Jay Hurren and Alex Banks ideas about the music scene graduallyconverged (Jay was into hip-hop and DJ-ing, while Alex was more inclinedto listen to soul & rare-groove). Having discovered a mutualpassion for music they turned their hands to production. Their musicaldiversity helped to fuel one of the most creative and successfulpartnerships within the drum & bass scene.
    Alex had previouslybeen one half of Hyper-on Experience (a collaboration with DannyDemierre of Flytronix fame) who released the classic HE Anthem andLords of the Null Lines, which saw follow up remixes by Foul Play andNookie. Jay, meanwhile, had been working as one half of JMJ & Richie(a partnership with Andrew Riches) who shot to fame with the classicFree La Funk remixed by PFM.
    They started writing together in 1995under the EZ Rollers name and their first excursion onto vinyl and CDwas the compilation album Storm From The East, a regional showcase forlocal talent around the East of Britain. It was an instant hit,converting both press and public alike to its laidback, and melodicmusical style. Early EZ Rollers releases, Retro (which took the drumn bass fraternity by storm) Synesthesia, and 25 Alpha / Spin Outwere released in 1997 to consistently positive press and publicreception, followed in April 1997 by the highly successful Storm FromThe East 2 compilation.
    Dimensions of Sound was the first EZRollers LP and came out in May 1996 featuring the talents of vocalistKelly Richards alongside the EZ Rollers production. This too receivedmuch critical acclaim with the breadth and accomplishment of productionon the album. Hardly surprising when you consider Jay & Alexsveteran status on the jungle scene. The albums gentle, jazz influencedhooks, solid moving beats and melodic keys, were wonderfully enhanced byKellys smooth vocals. Cuts like Rolled Into One, Jazz Talkin andDropping Science Part 2 helped make the album the classic it is today.
    1998was a turning point in the EZ Rollers career with the release of thealbum Weekend World but particularly the massive hit single thatpreceded it - Tough At The Top. This infectious, upbeat track receivedexcellent support on Fabio & Grooveriders Radio 1 show for months,and when the awesome Origin Unknown remix by Andy C dropped laterthat month, the tune became a massive dance floor hit in clubs literallyall over the world.
    It was decided on the success and response tothis album to release Hang On / Weekend World with remixes by Calyx,DJ Addiction and EZ Rollers. Following on from this success the EZRollers compiled, Drumfunk Hooliganz which featured ten cutting tracksfrom an assortment of new and established artists. Using their expertknowledge of the contemporary scene to pick only the finest tracks, theEZ Rollers put together a superb selection of the funkier jazzy beatsemerging for the current scene. The album was well received, outsellingall previous compilations from the EZ Rollers.
    Any EZ Rollers fanwill remember their 1999 success with the re-release of Walk This Landthat featured in the hit British film Lock, Stock and Two SmokingBarrels. The track was heavily used in all of the films radio and TVadvertising, hence its immense popularity.
    Their next album TitlesOf The Unexpected was a thrilling, uplifting album with subtle depthsand massive potential and further cemented the EZ Rollers reputation astop class producers, pushing the boundaries further, and injectingmuch-needed funk and energy.
    When not in the studio the EZ Rollersare, more often than not, on the road, Alex Jay and Kelly like nothingmore than a good party and DJ / PA gigs have taken them all over Europe.They have many plans for the future with their own label Intercom.


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