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    This a pack of 7,5 GB of reason Refills. I was collecting it for couple of years and I want to share it with you guys :) I dont think that I need to write what it is because everyone who are working with propellerhead reason know will know.

    Pack have 111 refills.

    list of Refills:

    Human Voices byCockroaches .rfl
    [ReFill] Ambiotica.rfl
    [ReFill] Chemical Synths 1.rfl
    [ReFill] Chemical Synths 2.rfl
    [ReFill] Ethereal Atmospheres.rfl
    [ReFill] LegendaryTrance.rfl
    [ReFill] SR07 Reality Drums.rfl
    [ReFill] SR08 Monster Drums.rfl
    [ReFill] SR15 Film Orchestra.rfl
    [ReFill] SR17 Triple Guitar.rfl
    [ReFill] SR19 Vocal Textures.rfl
    [ReFill] XXL - Most Wanted.rfl
    [ReFill] ZeroG - Trance Construction Kits.rfl
    Air Gamelan Refill.rfl
    Airbase Trance Refill 2003.rfl
    All 5005 Synths and 222 effects.rfl
    Ambientia 2.0 Sampler.rfl
    Deep Space .rfl
    Dr Rex Drum Loops.rfl
    Dr Rex Groove Loops.rfl
    Drum Essentials.rfl
    Electro Drums.rfl
    EQ-Breakbeat Jazz Demo Refill.rfl
    eXode - Mjolnir ReFill.rfl
    GranularChina ZhongRuan.rfl
    JP-8000 Trance 01 Demo.rfl
    linkpage - ReFill Vol.4.rfl
    Matt's 8 Layer Suitcase Rhodes.rfl
    Nightclub Arps.rfl
    Nightclub Bass.rfl
    Nightclub Leads.rfl
    Nightclub Pads.rfl
    NN19 Dance Instruments.rfl
    NN19 Instruments.rfl
    NN19 Live & Sequenced Riffs.rfl
    NN19 Percussion.rfl
    Nova Laptop Trance 01 Demo.rfl
    Nuclear Fusion.rfl
    Pop Rap Pearl.rfl
    PZP - R4 Synth Samples DEMO Refill.rfl
    Reason France Refill Vol.1.rfl
    Redrum Kits & Samples.rfl
    Retrospectives  byCockroaches .rfl
    ReVolution Refill.rfl
    Roland TR-808 Rhythm composer ReFill.rfl
    SB Elements Combinator Bank.rfl
    SB Malström Elements.rfl
    SB Subtractor Elements.rfl
    SB TekkBox 1.0.rfl
    SB Thor Elements.rfl
    SB Thor Sounds Vol.3.rfl
    Sinner-Drums 2.rfl
    Smash Fx Refill.rfl
    Vengeance THOR Soundset.rfl
    Waldorf Salad.rfl
    Combfusion Soundset Vol.1.rfl
    XSynth Free.rfl




    1 Link 720p Bluray Movies Collection
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    FUll re upload made.
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    Mac OSX 10.7 Lion GM 11A511 Bootable & Lion Server GM & TUT For USB Installation - DM


    Mac OSX 10.7 Lion GM 11A511 Bootable & Lion Server GM & TUT For USB Installation - DMG Format | 3.8GB

    Download from filesonic:
    Download from wupload:
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    ETAP 7.0 & Modules


    ETAP 7.0 & Modules | 2.34 GB

    ETAP offers a suite of fully integrated Electrical Engineering software solutions including arc flash, load flow, short circuit, transient stability, relay coordination, cable ampacity, optimal power flow, and more. Its modular functionality can be customized to fit the needs of any company, from small to large power systems.​

    ETAP Real-Time is a fully-integrated suite of software applications that provides intelligent power monitoring, energy management, system optimization, advanced automation, and real-time prediction.

    ETAP is the most comprehensive enterprise solution for design, simulation, operation, control, optimization, and automation of generation, transmission, distribution, and industrial power systems.

    Download from filesonic:
    Download from wupload:
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    Final Cut Pro v7.0.3 for Mac OSX + Tutorial + Sample (fully updated)


    Final Cut Pro v7.0.3 for Mac OSX + Tutorial + Sample (fully updated)
    English | Pc | Mac OSX | Size: 3.86 Gb

    Final Cut Pro provides non-linear, non-destructive editing of any QuickTime compatible video format including DV, HDV, P2 MXF (DVCProHD), XDCAM, and 2K film formats. It supports an unlimited number of simultaneously composited video tracks; up to 99 audio tracks; multi-camera editing for combining video from multiple camera sources; as well as standard ripple, roll, slip, slide, scrub, razor blade and time remapping edit functions. It comes with a range of video transitions and a range of video and audio filters such as keying tools, mattes and vocal de-poppers and de-essers. It also has a manual 3-way color correction filter, videoscopes and a selection of generators, such as slugs, test cards and noise.
    The latest version of Final Cut Pro 7 claims better integration with Apple's other professional applications and improved codec support for editing HD, DV and SD video formats, including encoding presets for devices such as iPod, Apple TV, and Blu-ray discs. A technology called DynamicRT built on the RT Extreme technology was released with Final Cut Pro 4. DynamicRT allows a real-time multistream effects architecture, which can be set to automatically adjust image quality and frame rate during playback to maintain real time effects. For example, when there are a large number of video streams playing simultaneously it will, in real time, switch to a mode that reduces the quality of the playback so that all of them can be seen in real time; when the computer is capable it will automatically return playback to native quality (that is, when there are fewer simultaneous video streams).

    Download from filesonic:
    Password: 1 
    Download from wupload:
    Password: 1
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    Adobe Collection CS5 - CS5.5 - Portable


    Adobe Collection CS5 - CS5.5 - Portable

    Title: Adobe Master Collection CS5 and CS 5.5 Portables
    Version: CS5-CS5.5
    Year: 2011
    Developer: Adobe
    Platform: Windows XP/2K3/Vista/2008/7
    Language: English & Russian​

    Adobe CS5 and CS 5.5 Portables Programs English and Russian languages. Proven - it works (tested on Windows 7).

    Portable Adobe Digital Edition 1.7.2
    Portable Adobe Flash Pro CS3
    Portable Adobe GoLive CS3
    Portable Adobe Fireworks CS5 Final
    Portable Adobe Flash Catalyst CS5
    Portable Adobe Illustrator CS5 v15.0.0
    Portable Adobe InDesign CS5.5
    Portable Adobe Photoshop CS5 12.0
    Portable Adobe Soundbooth CS5 v3.0
    Portable Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 11.0.4909
    Portable Adobe Audition CS5.5
    Portable Adobe Flash CS5.5
    Portable Adobe InDesign CS5.5
    Portable Adobe Photoshop CS5.1
    Portable Adobe Dreamweaver CS5.5
    Portable Adobe Illustrator CS5.5
    Portable Adobe Acrobat X
    Portable Adobe Captivate CS5.5 v5.5.0.257
    Portable Adobe Lightroom 3.4.1 (32/64Bit)

    Portable Adobe Acrobat Professional Rus
    Portable Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 11.0 build 4909 Rus
    Portable Adobe Fireworks CS5 Rus
    Portable Adobe Flash CS5 Pro (Fixed) 2010 Rus
    Portable Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended v12.0 Rus
    Portable Adobe Photoshop CS5.5 Rus

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    Download from wupload:
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    Leo 911 Pro for Flash Drives and HD's v1.9.7 [2011]


    Leo 911 Pro for Flash Drives and HD's v1.9.7 [2011]
    Mac OS X | Mac Platform: UB | 1.44 GB

    What is Leo 911? An OSX 10.5.8 Universal bootable disk image that can be copied to a 4 GB hard disk or Flash Drive. To make the OS small I had to delete a few things but the items deleted should NOT affect the performance or compatibility of Leo 911 v.s. OSX 10.5.8. Also, I turned off virtual memory. Leo 911 Pro v1.9 is a mere 3.59 gigabytes to try and squeeze onto all 4GB Flash Drives. All of the software appears to be fully working and registered. This only comes in ENGLISH but if you copied this disk image to an large enough drive you can use the 10.5.8 combo updater to add additional languages and pick your own.​

    System Requirements:
    Mac with a G4 PowerPC processor right upto the newest Intel Mac's, yes, even the new 2009 models including some future Xserve models!
    Minimum memory can range from 256 MB's right upto to anything your baby can handle
    10.5 OSX is not usable on any Mac models below the G4 line, so no point in even trying this on a G3 or below.

    Version 1.9.7 Notes
    - Updated a slew of tools and added one new one.
    - Added additional support files to the /usr folder to increase compatibility with any software included

    Version 1.9.6 Notes
    - Minor maintenance update to the OS
    - Updated a few tools like DiskWarrrior to 4.2 and Drive Genius 2.2.1 as all being 10.6 ready so you can repair a Snow Leopard boot drive from Leo 911 Pro.
    - Updated a few other tools check the 3rd part list for them all.
    - Some minor cosmetic tweaks and trimmed the OS another small amount in hopes it'll fit more 4 GB flash drives.

    Version 1.9.5 Notes
    - Mostly this version is just a maintenance update.

    - Updated a few tools and added a new one.
    - Reduced the size of Leo 911 Pro quite nicely so it'll be less of a hassle to fit it on every 4 GB flash drive
    - Reverted back to Little Snitch 2.0.5 because the newer version from 2.1-2.14 no longer work with the root account and always have blank rules.

    Version 1.9 Notes
    - Updated the core OS to 10.5.8 , Safari to 4.0.3, latest Java update for Leo, QuickTime 7.6.2 and the newest Security Update 2009-004
    - Some tools were updated and some new ones added. See the 3rd party list for updates and additions.
    - Leopard Cache Cleaner is now removed from Leo 911 because the stupid developer made a change to v4.0.27 that no longer allows the program to launch from the "root" account and older versions won't launch on 10.5.8 either.
    - Dope Wars and Pocket Tanks were also removed to help reduce space used so this would be easier to copy onto smaller flash drives.

    Apple software available :
    Activity Monitor , Archive Utility , Bluetooth File Exchange , Console , DiskImageMounter , Disk Utility , Firmware Password Utility , Installer , Kerberos , Java , Preview , QuickTime Player , RAID Utility , Reset Password , Safari , Script Editor , System Preferences , System Profiler , Terminal , TextEdit , Plus many more OSX components

    3rd Party Applications (Non-Apple Stuff)
    A Better Finder Rename 8.45 - AppleXsoft File Recovery - BatChmod 1.5 - Carbon Copy Cloner 3.3 - Cocktail 4.5 - CopyCatX 4.0 - Data Rescue 3.0.1 - DiskStudio 1.6.2 - DiskWarrior 4.2 - Drive Genius 2.2.1 - DropDMG 2.8.6 - EasyFind 4.5 - File Buddy 9.01 - File Juicer 4.19 - FileSalvage 7.0 - HexEdit 2.0.0 - Hide and Seek - iDefrag 1.7.2 - iPartition 3.2.0 - Little Snitch 2.0.4 (Last known version to work under the root user account) - MacPilot 3.5 - memtest 4.2.2 - OfficeSalvage 6.1.7 - Pacifist 2.6.3 - Path Finder 5.2.2 - PCalc 3.5.1 - PiXel Check 1.2 - PopChar 4.3 - Rember 0.35b (GUI memtest 4.2.2) - SMART Utility 2.1.2 - SpeedTools Utilities 2.8.1 (Hi-Cap support installed) - Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery 4.0 - StellarPhoenix Photo Recovery 3.2 - TechTool Pro 4.6.2 - TechTool Pro 5.0.6 - Temperature Monitor 4.5 - TinkerTool System 1.87 - Touvaly 1.2.0 - VolumeWorks 1.5 - Xslimmer 1.7.6

    Download from filesonic:
    Download from wupload:
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    Avid Pro Tools HD 9.0.4 (2011)


    Avid Pro Tools HD 9.0.4 (2011) | 2.17 GB

    The legendary sequencer used in the world recording studios. It is today the latest version of the popular package. To install: First, to be installed the basic package 9.0, as well as Complette Production Toolkit 2 is then set an official update to version 9.0.4 and only then broke the installer​

    You can install on an already installed, version 9.3 kryaknuta of the previous hand, but also putting it on the official update to 9.0.4. Then, the installer ProTools HD 9.04 [K ]. Officially, this version was created to address the MacBook Pro 17 "Thunderbolt having a port card in the HD Native Magma ExpressBox1, and nothing new is. But for many kryaknuta versions may vary in terms of stability in one direction or another, because version has frameworks and other files the new version. Trying recommended! It is also recommended to keep the old plugin folder, just in case.
    Year : 2011
    Version : 9.0.4
    Developer : Avid Platform : Intel only
    System Requirements : Intel Mac. MasOSX 10.6.2 - 10.6.8
    Language : English Crack : Present

    Download from filesonic:
    Code: HD 9.04.part1.rar HD 9.04.part2.rar HD 9.04.part3.rar HD 9.04.part4.rar HD 9.04.part5.rar
    Download from wupload:
    Code: HD 9.04.part1.rar HD 9.04.part2.rar HD 9.04.part3.rar HD 9.04.part4.rar HD 9.04.part5.rar
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    Industrial Strength Dubstep Ammo MULTiFORMAT


    Industrial Strength Dubstep Ammo MULTiFORMAT | 1.3 GB

    Dubstep Ammo is produced by non-other than LA's 6Blocc. It's time to get down and dirty as Industrial Strength invades your DAW with a new arsenal of the hottest Dubstep sounds on the planet. 6Blocc brings an exclusive set of sounds, one-shots and loops from his personal collection all in one banging royalty-free sample pack.

    Dubstep Ammo features over 450 samples and contains 439 MB of pure banging Dubstep just the way you like it.

    This man is known to many in the world of DnB as R.A.W. or B-Boy 3000. His reputation behind the decks is unmatched with lightning fast scratching and seamless mixing. As a producer and remixer he is leading the American Dubstep scene like no other.

    6Blocc got his start way back in the late 80's mixing Hip Hop and Electro in his home town of Los Angeles. By the early 90's he moved into Jungle and took the U.S. by storm.

    Since then, he has touched down in Japan, Australia, Canada, Russia, Europe, Israel, Mexico, Venezuela, and every major city in the USA delivering booming bass and booty shaking drum beats to countless crowds.

    When 6Blocc isn't wrecking the turntables he's in the studio cranking out the most insane Dubstep productions and remixes.

    Currently he is working with Cypress Hill producer DJ Muggs on a Hip Hop and Dubstep project, and will soon work with San Fran's Bassnectar!

    6Blocc has also knocked out remixes for artists such as Lutan Fyah, Chuck Fender and Lexxus, Dub FX, Dstar, Unbalanced Jack, Don Goliath, Roommate, Jaybird, Bombaman, Deformer, Matt Green, and Nortec Collective.

    His smoking hot record label 6DUB is an outlet for his hottest Dub plates through a series he calls I Dubs (illegal dubs!) featuring Dubstep remixes of Fugees, Dr Dre, Method Man and Redman, and Bone Thugz n Harmony.

    6Blocc is also featured on Lo Dubs, Terminal Dusk, Moonshine, and has an upcoming full length LP on Foul Play Records. There is no stopping this man as his passion for bass culture music is evident in his production work and DJing.

    This bad boy sample pack features Acid WAV, Apple Loops and REX2 for drop and rock performance on all the loops provided in the pack. Each sample is keyed and clearly labelled for ease of use. All the samples are recorded at 24-Bit/44.1khz to give you the best quality samples for your productions or remixes.

    'Dubstep Ammo' features a wicked selection of one-shots all in Battery3, Logic ESX and of course NI's Maschine. This highly usable pack also features 29 whopping Kontakt kits with the all best sounds from the pack at your fingertips.

    The pack is jammed with wobble bass sounds, booming effects bombs, grinding synth loops and of course rumbling sub bass sounds to shake n bake your DAW like no other Dubstep pack on the market.

    It does not stop there. The pack is loaded with a selection of Tearout bass patterns, bass drills, stabs and a slew of effect sweeps, atmospheric sounds and some of his personal Skank Synth loops to get your party started right.

    'Dubstep Ammo' also features vocal samples from L.A.'s Dubstep lyricist MC Woes to give you everything you need to get that true 6Blocc sound in your DAW.

    If you're looking for a Dubstep sample pack that can deliver top-notch sounds with L.A. attitude from one of the best producers in the business, then get ready to lock and load 'Dubstep Ammo' into your next production or remix.

    Download from filesonic:
    Download from wupload:
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    Babylon Pro 8.0.7 (r7) Portable + 245 Additional Dictionaries (Multi)


    Babylon Pro 8.0.7 (r7) Portable + 245 Additional Dictionaries (Multi) | 626 MB

    Babylon Pro 8 - dictionary, which allows to translate words from one language to another. Work with a dictionary is very simple - after clicking button on the floor there is a window with his translations. In addition to the translation of words, the program includes the British case and dictionaries, and also has the functions of currency conversions to date and the transfer of measures from one system to another.

    English-Russian-English and other dictionaries can be downloaded in addition to the developer's site. In the dictionary, which can be used at any time, with online work, Babylon allows you to use huge databases, concentrated in such glossaries as Britannica, Amazon, Accuweather and more. Now you do not need much time to correct spelling errors and to find the correct word or translation. With this software, read and write in all languages is easier, faster and more efficiently. The program does all the work for you by checking spelling errors in real time, intelligent interpreter for any language and from any language, as well as automatic selection of expressions.

    * To pack Dictionary Larousse Compact All, for the Gran Diccionario de la Lengua Espanola LAROUSSE puck from Larousse Spanish All, for the puck Terus Hebrew-Russian and Terus Russian-Hebrew activation no.

    Present the license for the following paid Premium-dictionaries:
    Concise Oxford English Dictionary; Concise Oxford Thesaurus; Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary; Merriam-Webster Collegiate Thesaurus; Britannica Concise Encyclopedia; - Deutsches Worterbuch; Duden - Das Synonymworterbuch; Duden - Die deutsche Rechtschreibung; Duden - Das Fremdworterbuch; Duden - Deutsches Universalworterbuch; Handworterbuch Deutsch-Englisch; Handworterbuch Englisch-Deutsch; Concise Oxford Paravia English-Italian; Concise Oxford Paravia Italian-English.

    Year: 2010
    Version: 8.0.7 (r7)
    Developer: Babylon Ltd
    Compatibility with Vista / 7: complete
    Language: Multilingual
    Medician: Yes

    Download from filesonic:
    Download from wupload:
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    Apple Mac OSX v10.7 Lion-iND (SerW name)


    Apple Mac OSX v10.7 Lion-iND (SerW name)
    English | Apple Mac OSX v10.7 Lion-iND (SerW name) | 3.53 GB

    Description: People have been doing the same things on computers for years. Clicking. Scrolling. Installing. Saving. With OS X Lion, we've challenged the accepted way of doing things by introducing new features that change the way you use a computer. Multi-Touch gestures transform the way you interact with your Mac, making all you do more intuitive and direct. Now an even richer Multi-Touch experience comes to OS X Lion. Enjoy more fluid and realistic gesture responses, including rubber-band scrolling, page and image zoom, and full-screen swiping. OS X Lion offers systemwide support for gorgeous, full-screen apps that use every inch of your Mac display. You can have multiple full-screen apps open at once - along with multiple standard-size apps. And it's easy to switch between full-screen and desktop views.​

    Download Links:
    Download from filesonic:
    Download from wupload:
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    Red Giant Guru Presets: Cassidy Bisher's Text Effects Vol.1.1 for Trapcode Suite


    Red Giant Guru Presets: Cassidy Bisher's Text Effects Vol.1.1 for Trapcode Suite |1.34 GB

    Red Giant Guru Presets: Cassidy Bisher's Text Effects Vol.1.1 for Trapcode Suite - 60 Templates for Easy, Explosive Logo & Text Animation. This updated pack offers 60 vibrant and easy ways to showcase your logos and text. Drop your text or logo into fiery, organic animations; shatter words with metallic light explosions; or become the ghost in the machine with old-school video game stylization. Sound FX are included and already synced in most of the templates to quickly bring your project to an explosive finish.


    This pack offers a vibrant and easy way to showcase your logos and text.
    - 60 Templates in 12 vibrantly colored styles create easy-to-use animation.
    - Place your logo inside a placeholder and let After Effects do the rest.
    - You can alternately put text, photos or videos in the placeholder.
    - Sound FX are included for a fast start with all of your media.
    - Great for Video Intros or Movie Trailer style presentations.

    System Requirements:

    - After Effects CS4 or higher
    - Required plug-ins: Trapcode Suite
    - Optional plug-ins: Knoll Light Factory and Knoll 3D Flare. There is also a pre-rendered project file included for these plug-ins.


    This pack offers a vibrant and easy way to showcase your logos and text.
    - 60 Templates in 12 vibrantly colored styles create easy-to-use animation.
    - Place your logo inside a placeholder and let After Effects do the rest.
    - You can alternately put text, photos or videos in the placeholder.
    - Sound FX are included for a fast start with all of your media.
    - Great for Video Intros or Movie Trailer style presentations.

    System Requirements:

    - After Effects CS4 or higher
    - Required plug-ins: Trapcode Suite
    - Optional plug-ins: Knoll Light Factory and Knoll 3D Flare. There is also a pre-rendered project file included for these plug-ins.

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    Download from filesonic:
    Download from wupload:
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    Guitar Pro 6.0.7 for Win and Mac OSX


    Guitar Pro 6.0.7 for Win and Mac OSX | 778MB

    Guitar Pro is first and foremost a program designed to edit tablatures for guitar, bass, and other fretted instruments from 4 to 8 strings.
    Its great ease of use and the success of its specific file format have made it a program used by guitarists worldwide.​

    It now includes editing support for many other instruments like the piano or the drums, a realistic audio engine, and interactive tools to support every musician's practice.


    System requirements:

    Title: Guitar Pro Final + Soundbanks
    Year: 2011
    OS: Win, Mac, Linux
    Language: Multilingual

    Installation Instruction:

    1: Install the Software from the .dmg

    2:For Username and Key ID enter anything, but make sure you enter as much data as it can fit so that the "Offline Activation" button becomes available.

    3: Choose Offline Activation and copy the serial it gives you...

    4. Open Terminal - drag & drop the keygen onto it (without writing anything) and hit return...

    5. You get a keygen Embrace logo and at the end it says....
    Enter your offline activation request code:

    6. Enter or copy & paste the code you got from offline activation and hit return...

    7. You should then be given another serial... copy & paste and you should be good to go!!!!!!

    How to get rid of the permission denied error, when runing the keygen thought the terminal:

    1. Open Terminal;

    2. Type and leave a space at the end: chmod u+x

    3. Drag n' Drop the keygen_osx, then hit the enter;

    4. Try the keygen again, it should work now.

    For those who are getting "permission denied" Problem

    For those who are getting "permission denied" Problem, put the keygen file on your desktop, and type in the terminal chmod_u+x_(drag 'n' drop your keygen file). You can see that your icon have changed from a standard file to a terminal file. Note that the "_" means that you have to enter the spacebar Wink

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    Embarcadero RAD Studio XE2 Pulsar v16.0.4256.43595 MULTiLANGUAGE-ISO


    Embarcadero RAD Studio XE2 Pulsar v16.0.4256.43595 MULTiLANGUAGE-ISO | 2.4GB
    Languages: English, German, Japanese, French

    Embarcadero RAD Studio XE2 is the ultimate application development suite and the fastest way to build data-rich, visually engaging applications for Windows, Mac, mobile, .NET, PHP and the Web.​

    Embarcadero RAD Studio XE2 (Pulsar) includes:
    - Embarcadero Delphi XE2
    Embarcadero Delphi XE2, now with FireMonkey, is the fastest way to deliver ultra-rich and visually stunning native applications for Windows, Mac and iOS - including 64-bit Windows applications. Dramatically reduce coding time and build applications 5x faster. Delphi XE2 provides component-based visual development and a fully visual two-way RAD IDE with high performance access to popular databases.
    - Embarcadero C++Builder XE2
    Embarcadero C++Builder XE2, now with FireMonkey, is the only true visual C++ development environment - designed for ultra-fast, component-based creation of highly-maintainable, visually stunning GUI applications for Windows and Mac OS X. C++Builder's fully visual two-way RAD IDE and thousands of available components speed and simplify building visually-rich and data-intensive end-user applications.

    What's New in Delphi and C++Builder XE2: Embarcadero Documentation Wiki

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    Gentoo Linux LiveDVD 11.2 (x32/x64)


    Gentoo Linux LiveDVD 11.2 (x32/x64) | 5.36 GB

    Announcing the official release of Live-Build Project Gentoo - Gentoo LiveDVD 11.2. LiveDVD prepared for x86 and x86_64. In the distribution uses a file system with support for AUFS overwrite read-only basis, which allows you to install additional packages. You also have the ability to move your home directory ($ HOME) for an additional partition or Flash-drive.
    ISO-image has a size of 2.6 GB, supports the installation DVD and USB Flash. Version for 32-bit systems is a hybrid, and includes an additional 64-bit build libraries and kernel Linux (gentoo64), which allows the use of a LiveDVD as in 32, and 64-bit systems. In the hybrid assembly of the default programs compiled for 32-bit architecture, 64-bit assembly programs presented in a separate iso-image (2.8 GB) livedvd-amd64-multilib, supports only the architecture x86_64.​
    The composition of heterogeneous LiveDVD enough and contains applications that are appropriate for different categories of users. This is a different media player, office suite, text and graphics editors, games and more.
    WARNING! This is only LiveDVD! Install the hard drive is not available!
    To learn how to install Gentoo, you read the user handbook
    Buy a Premium Account Filesonic to download file with fast speed

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    Download from wupload:
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    Reallusion iClone v5.0 PRO RETAIL + ResourcePack


    Reallusion iClone v5.0 PRO RETAIL + ResourcePack | 892 MB

    iClone - program to create stunning 3D-animation. The program has a ready-made 3D-characters, as well as everything you need to create their virtual living space - clothing, props, scenery. In iClone is also extensive libraries of motions, which can specify characters. But the most interesting features of the program - use pictures of real people for those 3D-characters. It uses patented technology FaceTrix, takes a picture of bulk (3D).​

    The program interacts well with the editors of 2D-graphics, so goodbye texture editing, as well as support of 3ds Max or Maya, by which you can create library items for the characters. All scenes can be visualized in real time based on topography, reflection and transparency. iClone projects can be taken seriously and used to work, but in a 3D-screensavers, screensavers for mobile phones and DVD with home video, they fit just fine.

    - Photo-realistic 3D models easily and lugko!
    - Easy creation of 3D images
    - Setting up the virtual space, size, body, hair, objects, materials, structures, etc.
    - Various animation movements, such as walking, dancing, etc.
    - Synchronizing with music
    - Support 2D/3D scenes

    Key Features of iClone Pro:

    Production Environment
    # Interactive Play-to-Create movie directing mode.
    # Complete scene and actor editing mode.
    # Collapsible user interface and full screen operation.
    # Scene Manager for total project asset list and access.
    # In-screen object editing, faster object transformation, multiple select, model copy, and save to library.
    # Record live footage inside iClone3 as Action Captures.
    # Multiple actor selection and management tool.
    # New iClone BackStage live access allows users to try content interactively inside 3D scenes before you buy.

    Casting & Actor Style
    * G3 Avatar - fast performance and higher quality with fine texture detail.
    * Photo-to-3D face fitting for generating custom actors.
    * Design custom actor faces with facial feature morphing.
    * Define faces with Normal Maps and multiple textures for aging and skin texture.
    * Customizable 3D actor face shape morphing including eyes, teeth and skin color.
    * Attach parts to CloneBone to create any character styles rlt.
    * CloneCloth - Create any Custom actor clothing to cut and design.
    * Persona - Apply personality and direct your target actor by live keyboard control (W, S, A, D keys for actor puppeteering).

    Motion & Interactivity
    * Live puppeteering controls actors and vehicles with hotkeys and right-click action menu.
    * Multi-actor dialog timeline for actor conversations.
    * Create 3D talking heads with CrazyTalk5 Talking Script files (CTS).
    * Select, pose and animate actors with layered motion editing.
    * Camera and actor follow with look-at constraint.
    * DramaScript open source for writing actor and object interactivity.
    * Instant prop interaction with iProp Helpers.

    Props & Scenes
    * Load and customize props, terrain, sky, grass and water.
    * Automatic real-time Flying Surface simulation with FLEX technology.
    * Water features ripple movement with reflection and refraction.
    * Landscape designer adds trees, flowers, plants and grass to any terrain.
    * IClone3 atmosphere can be made with 3D scene, sky, light, fog and weather particle settings.
    * Load 2D photos as image layers and backgrounds.

    Camera & Lighting
    * Add multiple cameras to scenes with live view switching.
    * Live camera recording using fly, walk and follow cameras with videogame-like hotkey and mouse-look interaction.
    * Real-time advanced camera effects including depth of field and lens animation.
    * Camera keyframe smoothing for automatic camera correction.
    * Lighting system with directional, point and spotlight.
    * Quick track editing for cameras, lights and their attributes.

    Special Effects
    * Particle system special effects for fog, fire, smoke and more.
    * Actor and object particle system linkage for attached effects.
    * Material effects for glow, reflection, bump, opacity, specular, normal and diffuse.
    * Advanced material effects - reflection & refraction.
    * Instantly spice up your movie with music and soundFX tracks.
    * Audio blending with fade in, fade out, and volume settings.

    Rendering & Output
    * Multiple shader selection for performance enhancing preview options.
    * Real-time preview, in and out markers and playback looping.
    * Select and render previewing for isolated area rendering.
    * High speed rendering for fast footage production.
    * Flexible output for sharing or post-production (HD & DVD video, AVI, WMV, Flash, MPEG-4).
    * 3.1 New Export the iWidget Avatar with transparent background and share it with the WidgetMe service.
    * Export your creation as a flash-based widget and publish it to social sites or personal home page.

    Download from filesonic:
    Download from wupload:
  17. poorboy

    poorboy Guest

    Bmw etk 09.2011


    BMW ETK 09.2011 | 3.37 GB

    BMW ETK Electronic Spare Parts Catalogue contain full information about original spare parts for cars (from 1932 year) and motorcycles (from 1948 year) and also helps you to find parts more quickly, easily and safely. Moreover, it is no longer necessary to search in different microfilms and lists, because you are provided with extensive information about the following:​

    * SEATS
    * LIGHTS


    The function of PARTS SEARCH lead you through the search process, from vehicle identification through the actual parts search to the diagrams and the parts list which you use to assemble the parts for your order.
    Before searching for a part, you must identify the vehicle for which the part is intended. This limits the selection of possible parts to that particular vehicle. Generally, the vehicle is identified by entering the CHASSIS NUMBER. The last 7 digits of the chassis number recorded on the registration are used for this. If the chassis number is unknown, the VEHICLE DATA can be entered instead. You make your selections in series from left to right.
    Program occupies one DVD, support only full installation on HDD and require 1.2Gb of free space. For interface available too many languages.

    Download from filesonic:
    Download from wupload:
  18. poorboy

    poorboy Guest

    Photo Explosion v4.0 DVD | ISO


    Photo Explosion v4.0 DVD | ISO | 2.4GB

    Photo Explosion made history as the first software of its kind to deliver powerful editing features, spectacular special effects and professional-quality photo projects all together in one program. Now, Photo Explosion 4.0 makes digital photography even easier with a brand-new user interface, 6000+ photo projects and graphics and an improved workflow for fixing, enhancing and editing photographs. What's more, Photo Explosion 4.0 is packed with over 150 exciting new features--all designed to let you get the most out of your digital camera!​

    It's our biggest upgrade ever! Improve your photos in 1-Click with the new QuickFix Studio and make every portrait picture perfect with easy-to-use retouching tools in the new Makeover Studio. Plus, instantly upload and share photos and projects to YouTube, Flickr and Facebook or choose from 2,500+ new design templates to turn your pictures into memorable keepsake gifts.

    Photo Explosion 4.0--the next generation in photo-editing software and the only digital photo studio suite you'll ever need.

    System Requirements
    Windows XP, Vista or 7
    256 MB RAM
    Intel® Pentium III or faster

    NOTE: All you have to do is mount and run setup. No serial needed.

    Download from filesonic:
    Download from wupload:
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    Arturia v2 Analog Synth Collection VST AU RTAS WIN & OSX


    Arturia v2 Analog Synth Collection VST AU RTAS WIN & OSX | 1.5GB

    These are the synths included:
    Analog Factory 2.5
    Jupiter-8 2.0
    Prophet V 2.0
    Waldorf Largo 1.5.1
    ARP2600 2.0
    Brass 2.0.5
    CS80 2.0
    MiniMoog 2.0.1
    Moog Modular 2.5​

    Download from filesonic:
    Download from wupload:
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    Hollywood Edge Sounds of Speed Racing Sound Library CD 01-20 CDDA


    Hollywood Edge Sounds of Speed Racing Sound Library CD 01-20 CDDA | 6.67 GB

    Far and away the most comprehensive collection of racing sound effects ever put together. Constants from the driver's perspective using microphones mounted on an in the actual boats, bikes and cars. NASCAR, CART Indy, Indy Lights, Toyota Atlantic Racing, Formula 1, FIA GT Cars, World Sports GT Cars, Off-Road, Motorcycle Road Course, Motocross, Vintage Race Cars, Dragsters, Monster Trucks, Go Karts, Demolition Derby, Off-Shore Power Boat, Inboard and Outboard Boat Racing, Unlimited & Limited Hydroplane Racing, Victory Ceremonies, Pit, Paddock, Garage, Crowd and General Racing Ambiences.​

    Format: AudioCD (CDDA)
    Image type: Bin/Cue

    Download from filesonic:
    Download from wupload:

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