Red Peony Gambler (1968)

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    Rating: 7.9/10 (30 votes)
    Runtime: 98
    Language: Japanese (with english subtitles)
    Country: Japan
    Color: Color
    IMDb Link:
    Director: Kosaku Yamashita
    Junko Fuji ... Hibotan no Ryu
    Ken Takakura ... Shogo Hanaoka
    Tomisaburo Wakayama ... Torakichi Kumasaka
    Koji Tsuruta
    Bunta Sugawara

    Description: The films stars Junko Fuji, the then daughter of all too famous Toei boss and former Yakuza, Koji Shundo, who was rumored to run his production company by the same old-school rules exemplified by his alter-ego, Ken Takakura (Toei’s top-billed star of the 60’s). Think DeNiro/Scorsese but with tea ceremonies, swords and parasol umbrellas.
    Red Peony Gambler (Hibotan Bakuto, Toei, 1968) was the first of what would be a long running film series that would eventually add up to eight films about Ryuko Yano aka The Red Peony.

    Fuji plays the part of Oryu, a Yakuza woman in search of her Father’s killer. An expert gambler in all games involving Hanafuda (Japanese playing cards, made by Nintendo since the 1800’s), skilled with knives and short swords, she uses her demure yet dangerous personal style to gain acceptance into Japan’s underworld as a mysterious yet alluring stranger.

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