Release name: Cabelas.Big.Game.Hunter.2012.XBOX360-COMPLEX

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    Release name: Cabelas.Big.Game.Hunter.2012.XBOX360-COMPLEX
    Size: 6.43 GB | Region: USA | Genre: Simulation
    Publisher: Namco Bandai | Developer: FromSoftware
    Release Date: 16/03/2012 | Language: ENG

    Release Description:

    Armored Core V revolutionizes the series with a completely new atmosphere and a strong multiplayer component to compliment its single player mode. In addition, the online mode has been completely redesigned to focus on battles on a global scale, based on team play, absolutely immense. With mechs that are smaller than the previous chapters, Armored Core V is more focused on tactics used effectively geography level rather than relying only on the attacks.


    Defend and conquer territories: Prepare for enemy invasion! Online players can invade your Territory even when you’re not online. Set Your Defense System strategically to fight automatically against other players and protect your dependency. When you’re online, fight in PvP online team battles to defend against enemies invading your territories.
    Most complete Multiplayer Mode: The game supports cooperative mode on all missions such as “Destroying a Target” or “Investigation”. Team gameplay is encouraged (5 simultaneously with up to 20 in a team). In World Mode, confront each other for world domination.
    Offensive gameplay: Gameplay has been totally revamped to offer a more powerful offensive attacking experience.
    Ultimate customisation: The game offers countless parts to collect for an incredible level of mech customization. Customize your Territory for Upper Rank Missions with Defence System variations




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