Return 2011 LIMITED DVDRip XviD-NeDiVx

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    Return 2011 LIMITED DVDRip XviD-NeDiVx
    Genre: Drama
    Directed by: Liza Johnson
    Starring: Linda Cardellini, Michael Shannon and John Slattery
    Size: 700 MB

    Description: Back from a tour of duty, Kelli can’t wait to rejoin her old life in the rust belt town she’s always lived in. She’s ready to experience the old feelings of everyday life- the carpet under her bare feet, a cold beer in front of the television, the smell of her baby’s head. Slowly, though, she realizes that her everyday life doesn’t resemble the one she left. Struggling to find her place in her family and the rust-belt town she no longer recognizes, what can she reclaim of her share of the way of life she’s been fighting to protect?



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