NitroFlare RetutPro: PRO Photoshop Tutorial - Amg Interior

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    RetutPro: PRO Photoshop Tutorial - Amg Interior | 1.52 GB
    This AMG Interior pro tutorial shows our complete workflow from start to finish. We will start out with the idea & complete shooting process. After that, we will cover 4 sections of retouching in Adobe Photoshop CS6. The main goal of the tutorial is to show and explain the entire process and techniques needed for retouching car details. Not only do we show and explain the techniques we also explain the thought process behind the techniques and why they are used or why not or when they are used.

    Included in your Pro Tutorial - 1.5 Hours Step by Step guide
    Section 1 - Photography & Light Setup
    Section 2 - Preparations & Raw Conversions
    Section 3 - Grouping & First Build-up
    Section 4 - Help Layers & Notes
    Section 5 - Building Base Plate
    Section 6 - Clean-up & Second Raw Conversion
    Section 7 - Adding Light Details
    Section 8 - Compositing Windows
    Section 9 - Image Clean-up & Fixes
    Section 10 - Dodge & Burn
    Section 11 - First Color Grading
    Section 12 - Final Adjustments & Corrections
    Included working files
    Raw File
    PSD File

    Link Download:
    Download Via Nitroflare
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