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    Released in time for the 41st anniversary of the death of the Korean-born professional wrestler, this movie is based on Yeok Dosan (Known in Japan as Rikidozan). In addition to being a reknowned athlete, he was also a successful sports enterpriser and a man of contradictory character. The first scene is set when he is killed in December 1963 at the height of his successful career, in a fight with the Yakuza at a Japanese nightclub. In his teens, Yeok Dosan moves to Japan to succeed in ssirueum's (Korean wresting) Japanese counterpart sumo. His budding success, however, is deterred by Japanese discrimination against Koreans and he finds that he can't fulfill his wish of reaching the top. After training for two years in the United States, he returns to Japan as a professional Western-style wrestler, introducing the nation to the novel form of entertainment while hiding his identity as a Korean. In a rare case in Korea's movie history, 97 percent of the dialogue is in Japanese (with Korean subtitles) in order to enliven the atmosphere and reality of the location. Having been recognized for his superb acting in films like "Silmido," "Oasis" and "Peppermint Candy," Seol Gyeonggu might be just the proper choice for playing Yeok Dosan. Seol gained weight portray the title role. This film is well echoed by the already released director Yang Yunho's "Fighter In The Wind" (Baramui Paiteo, 2004) that portrayed the early life of karate master Choe Yeongui (Japanese name Mas Oyama), the founder of Kyokushin (Geukjin in Korean) Karate, another Korean-born sports hero in Japan.

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